Friday, 1 April 2011

In The Mood - Wooden Inspiration

I am a country girl. I prefer to be outside rather than inside and I'm lucky enough that when I leave my house, I can be walking through fields within a couple of minutes. And walk through the fields and down the lanes I do - every day if I can and I get so much inspiration from my little jaunts. I love seeing the daffodils, the blossom and the leaves re-appearing on the trees. It's magic, like love.

This week on a walk I stopped to watch one of the farmers chain sawing a fallen tree into gorgeous rounds - dark bark on the outside, milky pale wood on the inside and oooh, the smell was just heavenly. So, clutching my wooden gift (thank you lovely farmer!) I headed home, inspired. And this post is the result...

Above - such a natural and effective idea, wedding rings tied with ribbon onto a small disc of wood. The symbolism here is great too - growing stronger over time. I can also imagine small versions of these discs being given as coaster favours. Image AJH Photography

Above - we're all big into wooden wedding signs right now but let's take them one step further with a real wooden centrepiece like this. Not only does it look amazingly good as a decoration for a buffet or a gift/guest book table but imagine having this as a unique garden decoration after the big day too. Image - Charlotte Butterbean

Above - I just love this seating card display. Little discs of wood with the guest's names and table details are set into a big moss lined tray that's wonderfully undulating like a forest floor. Image - I Do It Yourself

Above - this image could have been taken just for me! Wood combined with buttons - honestly, just add a little ribbon and I'm in heaven! Here, the button embellished cake is sat on a wonderful wooden disc cake stand. This is what 'rustic' can really be like - just fabulous. Image - Jagger Photography

Above - hearts carved on trees and a beautiful bride and groom. Totally adore this beautiful shot. Image - Katie Day

Above - another brilliantly inspired use for wood at a wedding - we've seen cake stands, now we see them as trivets for hot buffet food and how fabulous do they look? And, I know I can't stop going on about it but there are no creases on that table linen, so the wood looks all the better! Image - Love and Lavender

Above - wooden details don't have to be overwhelming. They can still work with a lighter, brighter wedding too if you keep things delicate. These little pieces of branch have had slits sawn into the top and menu cards and table numbers tucked in to them. As you can see, an arrangement of 'just picked' flowers behind works wonderfully. Image - Love and Lavender 

Above - another great details. Long branches have slits sawn at intervals along them and the seating cards are just tucked in to them and set on a table (uncreased!). You could of course replicate this look on the tables with place markers tucked into little pieces of wood too. Image - Love and Lavender

Above - taking the ideas we saw earlier one step further, this gorgeous wedding has the salmon starter on individual wooden platters. I love the fact that whilst the look is the same, each plate has its own individual quirks and shape (don't we all?!) Image - Murakami Photography

Above - how sweet are those little round table numbers? And the wooden discs, just piled up alongside the simple flowers? And the bark brown napkins? I am in love with the quilled paper heart too - elegant, understated and a great DIY detail that could be used across the day. Image - Simply Bloom Photography

Above - naturally beautiful wooden ceremony programs. Thin sheets of bark have the printed details glued on to the back and the gorgeous ribbon detail is added. I love how they're hanging on the chairs, just waiting for the guests. Image - Snippet and Ink

Above - love love LOVE this table (and not just because there are no creases on that linen!). The glass candle holders with the ribbon wraps and dried flower accents, the flower heads sitting on the wooden disc and the natural colour of that table number card (that's not so big it's competing with the table centre). A perfect combination. Image - via Cachic Design

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