Wednesday, 13 April 2011

How To... Add Some Fab Finishing Touches

Finishing touches are the fabulous little details than can take a wedding from great to completely unforgettable – it’s your chance to stamp your personality on your day so take you pick from some of the ideas below and whether you go for something romantic or something quirky, just remember that your hard work won’t go un-noticed by your guests.

If you’ve got a blank wall in your venue, how about setting up a hat peg board?  It’s easy to do – just hang some ribbon on the wall and add some gorgeous wooden clothes pegs.  All your glam guests can then hang up their hats when they want to party and all those colours look great.  If you want to be extra thoughtful, put a mirror and comb by the hat peg board so girls can check they’re still looking good!

Image - via BridalBuds

What could be more romantic than a candlelit first dance?  Get your bridesmaids or ushers to hand all your guests some tall taper or church candles before your big moment on the dancefloor and then just enjoy the atmosphere.

Make the most of warm summer evenings by creating an outside seating area lit with lots of lanterns and candles.  Add some throws and blankets and you’ll all be out there in the early hours!

Ribbon wrapped menus make simple card look like a gorgeous gift.  Tie on a name tag and let these little ‘gifts’ guide guests to their seats at dinner.

If you’re ‘going away’ at the end of the evening, have lots of torches to hand so guests can bring some brightness to the big send off.

Heel protectors might not be the most exciting thing ever but your girlie guests will love the fact they’ve not ruined their sexy shoes by sinking into the grass!  They’ll also give them more grip on the dancefloor too.

Image - via Vintage Bird Bride

Picnic style reception are big news. Spread lots of rugs and let everyone just chill out.

If you’ve got a photo printer, bring it along and ask an usher to print a photo from the day for all the guests to take with them as they leave – instant memories!

Image - via Martha Stewart
Bring some Starbucks style to your evening by serving coffee and muffins at midnight – it’s a great pick me up for guests who want to keep partying and also for those who’ve got a long drive home.

Add water lights or glow sticks to flower arrangements for the evening for a different look to your decorations.

Cut costs by serving jugs of water rather than bottles during dinner but add some interest by freezing slices of lemon or lime into ice before adding them to the jugs.

As a twist to the speeches, why not have each speaker introduced by someone different?  Your Grandad could introduce your Dad for example and this way more people get to be a part of the day.

Set up some board games for people to play after dinner and before the evening reception – it’ll keep everyone entertained in the break.

Give each table a bottle of champagne and ask them to pop the cork at their favourite moment during the speeches – it’s great fun and big boost to the speakers!

Make sure your evening party includes a section of music for the older guests – you need to see your Gran on the dancefloor!

Set up a laptop for guests to download their photos to before they leave so you’ve got an instant set of wedding photos to look at!

Cool drinks down by using ice glasses – great for the coolest evening parties.

Goodnight notes can be left on guest’s pillows so there’s something waiting for them when they get back to their rooms.  A fab finishing touch!

Image - via Gabbafriends

Sweets for the journey home – set up a ‘sweetie bar’ and let everyone fill a little bag before they leave.

Save the confetti throwing moment until the end of the evening and let guests shower you with petals during the last dance of the evening.  A great way to end a great day.

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