Thursday, 14 April 2011

Delicious Details - Drinks Tables

In my little corner of the English countryside, we've recently been basking in the most beautiful spring weather. The skies might have greyed a little over the last few days but I'm still having sunny thoughts and am enjoying the prospect of summer weddings. The dreams of warm sunny afternoons, guests lounging and laughing in the sun, enjoying the wedding day and the company of friends, new and old. It's a lot of people's dream wedding vision and I have to say that it's high on my list of 'things I would like' should I ever do the wedding deed again.

But so often on these extra warm wedding days, there's a fundamental error - not enough drinks! And then either guests are left feeling thirsty and un-loved or they have to leave the lovely atmosphere to go hunting for drinks. One sure fire way to avoid these parched problems is to set-up a drinks table for guests. And rather than hide your drinks table in a corner, make a feature of it.

So, rather than simply lining your drinks up on a slightly sad looking trestle table covered with a couple of cloths, take a look at some of these pretty (and pretty easy) ideas for delightful drinks tables...

 Above - I love these big jars filled with drinks decorated with extra fruity slices. Guests can simply dip in with a ladle and help themselves to exactly how much they'd like. The cute little signs let everyone know what's in each jar and the lids keep any flying bugs away on sultry summer days. Image - Country Living

 Above - oooh, such prettiness here. This old desk has been turned into something really rather fabulous. The drinks jars, the jam jar vases already with straws waiting (love how they're all leaning in the same direction!) and the extra lemons waiting to garnish those drinks. This is not a complicated set-up at all, it's just been done beautifully and that's the key. Image - Jasmine Star

 Above - this is a super summery drinks table decorated with sunflowers and fruit. I really like how the drinks jars have been raised up on picnic baskets (gives the display height and visual interest) and the cute drinks signs are perfect too. Adding fresh fruit to the drinks is a great way of making things extra special and again, there are those jam jars being used as glasses which I just love. Wonderfully uncreased cloth and hurrah - it's long enough to cover the legs of whatever table lays beneath! Image - via Pinterest

 Above - barrels, a sheet of wood, drinks, glasses and fruit. I think this image is proof that simple set-ups works so well. I think hay bales could work really well instead of barrels for country style weddings. Image - Splendid Willow

 Above - another pretty set-up with lots of great styling details. The drinks bottle on the quirky little stool, the berries and goodies in the wire holder, the 'just picked' flowers and the gingham table runner. Again, there's nothing complicated here, it's just a matter of thought and execution. Image - The Sweetest Occasion 

 Above - ok, ignore the creases in that table cloth (and worse, the creases aren't even straight so either the cloth's not laid properly or it was ironed badly - dear oh dear) but this is pretty. The cloth colour contrasts wonderfully with the sweet pink drinks and the ribbon backing is really fabulous. You could achieve something like this if you set your table up near a tree and hung ribbons from branches. An alternative would be to attached large coloured paper pom poms or voile panels to trees. Image - Theresa Choi

 Above - I just can't get enough of those big drinks jars and those stripy straws are oh-so cute too. The signs on the purple ribbons bring the day's colour scheme into the mix along with those flowers in the fab vase. And more jam jar glasses - are we sensing a bit of a trend here? I hope so... Image - via Artelexia

Above - the rainbow styling detail here is fab and there'll definitely be something for everyone on that table! If you can't find drinks in bottles, you could just use coloured drinks in glasses. Or maybe that should be in jam jars...! Image - via Pinterest


  1. These are some really great ideas! I love that old desk!

  2. Me too - I really love using 'everyday' things and turning them into 'special day' things so anything like that always grabs me attention :-)