Sunday, 10 April 2011

Delicious Details - Round Menu Cards

This post is, it must be admitted, a little bit of an indulgence for me because I have such a weakness for stationery. Couple that with my much professed love of food and it's a miracle that we've waited such a long time for a post about menu cards.

But I like things with a bit of a quirk (as I'm sure you've noticed) so this post is about round menu cards. I like them because they sit so perfectly on a plate, because they're a little bit different and because round menu cards can work with any style of wedding. Put your stamp on them with colours, materials, fonts and styles and they'll look great. Unusual, interesting and adaptable?! Oh my, that's wedding detail heaven...

 Above - Love love love this. This fabric menu wheel is just the most darling of details. The menu is on the lower 'wheel', with the other layers on top to form the 'flower' with a brad detail in the middle holding everything together. Cleverly, the edging of the fabric has all been done with pinking scissors so there's no need to sew and the small scroll gives the guest's name so it double as a seating card. Spin the wheel and find out what's coming with the next course - totally brilliant. Image - via A Cup Of Jo

 Above - this is a beautifully elegant option. I adore letterpress stationery and here the colours, the leaf & bird motif around the edges of the disc and the classic font all make for a fabulous combination. Image - Martha Stewart

 Above - another elegant design that's working well against the coloured charger plate and the more ornate detailing. The contrasting colours are very effective here too and I do like monogram detailing so this is a good look for me. Image - William Arthur

 Above - I like this image for the striking colour of the menu card and font and the impact this has against the white napkin and a plate. So much impact and the colour burst this menu provides is great - a perfect way to link the colour of flowers or other details onto the table top without having to resort to lots of fiddly details. Image - Wedding By Color

 Above - another look that I like here - the pale pink flower design on the card, the silver grey elegant font and the silvery charger plate underneath is gorgeous, making the pink image on the menus stand out more. I so hope that these tables are finished the an abundant display of big blowsy pink flowers and perhaps just a touch of silver grey satin ribbon... Image JKL Creations

 Above - I'll be honest here and say this look doesn't totally float my boat. For me, it's a little too cluttered and a little too fussy (am just not a fan of napkins folded into weird shapes!) but I admit that that's just me and I like to give you all options. Here the menu card is stood up and the card itself, I do like. I like the simple design and I like the colours but I think this image proves that it's a bit of  a shame to lose a nice detail in a forest of other 'stuff' on a table. Image - Jean M

 Above - If you're a bit of a Cath Kidston lover or if you're working the ditsy country vibe, how fab is this menu card design from Mooks? Love the vintage rose border, the colours and just the whole look of this. I can imagine these beauties decorating tables surrounded by bunting, country flowers and lots of happy guests. Totally fab. Image - Mooks Design

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