Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Delicious Details - Non-Floral Bouquets

After yesterday's fabric stationery post, I thought today we'd have a look at some more quirky wedding details and this time, it's the turn of non-floral bouquets. Now, I know you'll like these because the brooch bouquet feature of last month was quite a hit.

I love flowers, absolutely love them and I think they're gorgeous for weddings. But, I also have a deep affection for doing something a little bit different and a little bit unexpected and non-floral bouquets appeal to the part of me that likes to create a bit of a stir. These beautiful bouquets are great for destination weddings (you can guarantee your look without relying on the local florist), if you want something to keep after the day or if you just like the idea of a detail that's a little bit different. You can still indulge your floral fantasies in other areas of your wedding of course but if you're looking for impact, personality, uniqueness and wow factor, non-floral bouquets can tick all your boxes...

 Image - such a gorgeous bouquet for a butterfly themed wedding. These delicate paper butterflies really look like they're just landed en masse to provide this lucky bride with the most amazing bouquet. The fluttery butterflies are on wires that are then grouped together with the wire stems being covered with ribbon. Am imagining individual butterflies as buttonholes and corsages for the rest of the wedding party. Oh-so delicate.  Above - Jacob Pritchard

 Above - could there be a more perfect bouquet for an autumnal or farm based wedding? Love the natural beauty of this wheat bouquet and the cute buttonhole is gorgeous too. Table centres could be tall sheafs of standing wheat, a little head of corn could be tucked into napkins and large hanging bunches would be great instead of floral garlands. So many possibilities! Image - Love & Lavender

Above - the cutest candy bouquet! Black and white swirly lollipops have come together to create this quirky bouquet and the lollipop buttonhole is rather fantastic too. Such personality and fun here. Can you imagine a red & white striped version for Christmas? Or pretty pastels for summer fun? Small lollies with tags attached as seating cards? Love the black & white colour scheme here - and how beautiful is that gown? Lace bolero and buckled sash? Total eye candy! Image - Beautiful Moments Photography 

 Above - delicate fabric and ribbon flowers here. Fringing and ruffling come together to create something that's as far from fabric fakery as it's possible to get. The tones and colours used are perfect and the ribbon 'leaves' around the base of the bouquet are fabulous. A perfect way to match colours that are slightly harder to find with 'real' flowers and the matching hues of the groom's tie fit perfectly. Image - Milkpod Studio

 Above - felt flowers, big stitches and bold buttons come together here for a funky girlie bouquet. The colour combination, shapes and look here is fabulous and certainly not something you could achieve with 'real' flowers. Very cute and certainly do-able DIY with a little practice.  Image - via Bridal Snob

 Above - I know we've done brooch bouquets before but let's face it, they are so beautiful I'm sure no-one will mind another glimpse of such gorgeousness. I truly love these - I'd like to pick one apart at the end of teh day to gift the bouquets to my favourite female guests. Image - Alice Hu Photography

Above - feathers are undeniably glam and the beautiful colours here are really rather spectacular. I love the addition of the sparkles too for an injection of the extra special. As the feathers in a bouquet like this are going to be the focus of a lot of attention, it's important to source really the best quality you can to do the finished bouquet justice.  Image - via Wedding Vendor Guide

Above - I find something so enchanting in this bouquet. Autumn is one of my favourite times of year and my son & I always collect pine cones to spray or dip in glitter for Christmas decorations. I love fir cones - the shapes, the colours, the way they open and close with different weather. To make this bouquet, you would simply attach florist's wire to the bottoms of each cone and then bundle them together. Once you're happy with the look and shape of the bouquet, tape the wires together and bind with ribbon. Just beautiful. Image - Flourish Event Design

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