Monday, 14 March 2011

I Love... Brooch Bouquets

Swoon swoon, be still my beating heart. I must stop looking at these totally gorgeous images of the wonderful brooch bouquets from Fantasy Floral Designs because I am now spending too much time gazing dreamily at my laptop.

They just tick every box for me - interesting, unique, pretty, delicate, quirky and most importantly, they can be so personal. Incorporating family heirloom brooches or designed to work around your wedding theme or your interests, these bouquets are just heavenly.

So here are some of my favourites so you can join me in the swooning and dreaming...

Above - this image makes me go a little weak at the knees. The gown, the colour of the background and oh yes, that gorgeous bouquet! It's so stand-out without being OTT. Heaven.

Above - so much to love here and I can't help but smile looking at that beautiful turquoise ribbon.
Above - such prettiness. The floral brooches here are just such a clever detail so you still get an element of floral in the bouquet. Gorgeous.

Above - two quite different looks here showing the variation that's possible. I'd love to be able to unwrap the ribbon handle at the end of the evening and gift brooches to female friends as a really personal present.

Above - I am just in colour nirvana when I look at this image. The bright red/white/black brooch alongside the pastel ones is totally eye-catching.

Above - this brooch bouquet is really working it and looks great with that dark nail polish. Well played!

Images - all Fantasy Floral Design and Alice Hu except the last image which is Lovely Leaf.

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