Saturday, 5 March 2011

I'd Want To Be A Backyard Bride!

The inspirational US website The Knot has just published the results of their 2010 wedding survey and it made interesting reading. Now, whilst I wouldn't want to be a bride in New York City who has to find an average of $70,730 to finance their big day, I would certainly want to be in the 43% of brides who get married outside.

Yes, yes, I know the British weather would probably conspire against us and our dreams of becoming a Mrs under beautiful blue skies plus the fact that temperatures in the UK can veer from tropical to f-f-f-freezing in a ridiculously short time would mean most of us would probably still choose something a little less exposed to the elements. But, what irks me is that we don't even have the choice. No, we are kept indoors like naughty children who aren't allowed out to play.

The Any Campaign is trying to change this in the UK (yes, I know Scotland's already there!) and hopefully we'll be able to marry with our toes in the grass, kiss under blossom filled branches or take our vows on a stunning clifftop. But, in the meantime, here are some images to show you just how brilliant our American cousins are with 'backyard' weddings and who wouldn't want a wedding that looked so lovely...

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