Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Delicious Details - Ribboned Napkins

Well, it seems that everyone reading my blog has as much of a 'thing' for ribbon as I do as last week's Ribbon Seating Card post was really popular. So, in the spirit of giving you, my lovely loyal readers, more of what you want, I thought I'd expand the ribbon ideas out to napkins.

I often feel napkins are often a little forgotten at weddings which is such a shame when they can add some practical beauty to a setting. In fact, next week there's going to be a rather fabulous post with lots of inspiring ideas for clever napkins (and I promise you, no yukky folded swans in sight). But enough of that, let's get on with today and ribboned napkins. As I've said before, a little touch of ribbon makes everything better and adding some to your napkins gives a great co-ordinated look and stops those poor bewildered napkins looking like a sad afterthought.

A word to the wise - if you're going to be rolling and ribboning your napkins, you need to speak to your caterer or venue to make sure that they don't go ahead and fold them on the morning of the wedding. The last thing you need is to be unfolding and re-rolling! And so, with those words in mind, here are some pretty ideas for ribbon napkins...

Above - I do like wedding monograms and these little tags tied to the pretty pink ribbon are great. You can pick up tags like this from craft stores or scrapbooking suppliers and they come in all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes. You could stamp them with a motif or write guest's names onto them so they double as place markers. And do note the v cut on the end of the ribbon so nothing will fray! Image - Brides

Above - this is definitely a more opulent look. Wide bands of velvet ribbon have a thinner satin ribbon knotted over it with a dangling jewel (this is actually a curtain embellishment so think outside the box and look for different ideas - mini Christmas decorations that come in all colours would work as would large glass beads) The velvet ribbon could be sewed into rings before the wedding and the satin ribbon pre-cut. Image - Decorative Packaging

Above - I really adore this look. Wide ribbon rings have doily style ribbon overlays for a great lace/vintage feel. You could use any colour ribbon underneath and the whole 'ring' could be prepared beforehand with a few stitches to hold the ribbon and lace in place (alternatively, if you want to use some fabric glue, I promise not to tell!) Image - Martha Stewart

Above - perfect for an autumnal or rustic woodland wedding! The stitched ribbon is just tied around the napkin and the cone is propped up in front. You could take this idea to use for almost anything - red or green ribbon with an apple, natural colour ribbon with a pretty leaf (with the guest's name written on perhaps?), red ribbon with a mini candy cane for a Christmas wedding or some pretty pastel ribbon with something edible and gorgeous? This is such an adaptable idea. Image - Home Klondike

Above - rick-rack is great fun and here the red looks fabulous tied around the patterned green fabric. You could also then use rick-rack in other ways (to tie around seating cards or Orders of Ceremony, around bouquets, as embellishment on bridesmaid's dresses, or to tie around favour packaging). It's very economical and comes in all colours so I urge you to investigate further! Image - Good Housekeeping

Above - ok, so this might not be strictly be a ribbon ring, more of a fabric band but it's still pretty so I'm including it! The ring can be sewn (yes, or glued!) in advance and the button on string (or ribbon) tied on later. Any wide fabric band or ribbon would work here - can you imagine a pale blue ribbon band with a Mother of Pearl button or some pretty Cath Kidston fabric with a nice bright button tied around on a co-ordinating ribbon strip? I can and ooooh, it's making me smile. Image - Martha Stewart 

Above - the simplicity of this is great and would you believe, it's actually coloured velcro? So how easy could it be - no need to sew, glue or tie, just wrap and ta-dah, it's done all the work for you. This would hold cutlery snugly in place so would be ideal for a laid back buffet that needs guests to collect the napkin, knife and fork as they serve themselves. No chance of any cutlery clattering to the floor with this sticky little ribbon ring! Image - Real Simple

Above - I know, I know, this ribbon has wrapped more than just the napkin but how special is a meal going to be when you even have to unwrap your plate?! I just love this. I can picture more of this ribbon being used across the day with more perfectly tied bows bursting out at you throughout. Lovely! Image - Andrew McCaul


  1. Another great idea. Is to tie a silk ribbon with a ring threaded though it. This look is great for weddings. As cheap plastic weddings or cocktail rings are easy to get hold of and can look very effective.

  2. Jan, I love your ideas! I was also thinking curtain rings wrapped with ribbon would work too :-)

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  4. Brilliant - just what I was looking for! the vintage look is perfect! Thank you.