Wednesday, 9 March 2011

DIY With... Doilies

So, my latest decorative obsession is with the good old doily. Up until recently, the mere mention of the word 'doily' gave me flashbacks to slices of slightly dusty Battenberg being served up to my 5 year old self at tea with my Great Aunt. Doilies were old lady-ish and I am NOT an old lady!

But, there is more, way more, to the humble doily than as a resting place for cake - they are decorative, they are the starting point for some great wedding DIY and they fit oh-so perfectly with vintage or lace themes or really with any kind of lovely girlie wedding. And they don't just come in white any more either so well played John Lewis for stocking these fab coloured doilies on the high street.

So, here are some of my absolute favourite doily DIY projects so come on, buy those doilies with pride (and if you do use them for cake, I promise I won't mind!)

Above - how pretty is this seating card display? A coloured background scattered with random doiles in different sizes have the seating cards pinned on to them ready for guests to take. Simple & effective so perfect wedding DIY! Image - The Knot Australia

Above - doilies do atmosphere! Here, doilies are stuck inside plain candle bags which are then lit up (I'd suggest battery tea lights for safety!). Loving the lacy effect here and again, not difficult to achieve. It would be great to bring these out in the evening to reinvigorate your decorations! Image - Martha Stewart Weddings

Above - hmmmm, lovely lighting idea from Love Audrey. A simple string of fairy lights has a doily pushed over each bulb and is then strung where needed. Pretty prettiness!

Above - you don't have to cover your tables in doilies to get the wow factor. Here, plain kraft favour boxes are wrapped with ribbon and sealed with a little doily. It's good to see the doily on top! Image - The Sweetest Occasion

Above - isn't this just a gorgeous gown? A coloured underskirt has a skirt of stitched together fabric doilies over the top. I love this and the pink contrasting shoes are just fab. Much kudos this clever bride. Image - Sarah London

Above - ahhh, Martha Stewart, you do love your cupcakes don't you? But, let's be fair, it's great to see the cake stand getting all the decorative love for once! A doily fringe around the stand adds a great vibe but doesn't distract from the cakes or make them look too fussy. Perfect.

Above - I say it all the time but at the risk of making you all roll your eyes, stationery is a real 'scene setter' so if you're going to 'do doily', really do it and include it as a motif on your stationery too. This fab design from Elizabeth Anne Designs is ideal.

Above - I am a big fan of seating cards as opposed to big seating plans and these beautiful little doily 'envelopes' are gorgeous. A little doily folding into an envelope with the guest's name written on the outside and their seating assignment on the inside - perfect. A coloured ink to match your scheme would look fab & bring a splash of colour to your cards too. Image - Martha Stewart Weddings

Above - doilies are practically made to become cones! Just twist them into the right shape & glue. There's really nothing to it! Fill them with anything you like - petals as here, sweets or fluffy pastel marshmallows for favours or just about anything you want really. What wouldn't be improved by a doily?! Image - Sanojah's


  1. So so cute - love the ideas. This is one to book mark.

  2. Oooh, thanks for the comment :-) So pleased you like this post. I am in love with doilies and wanted to share!