Thursday, 10 March 2011

Floral Gowns Fit For A Princess

So, despite the hype, the rumours and the insider gossip, we still don't know what Kate (or should that be Catherine?!) Middleton will be wearing on April 29th. But, whoever is designing THE gown could easily dress Princess Kate in something traditionally royal and bang on trend. And how? With a floral gown...

Floral gowns are historically popular with royal brides - orange blossom has adorned the dresses of many as it's said encourage fertility. Our current Queen's gown was embroidered with star flowers, picked out in seed pearls and even more recent royal brides have included floral elements in their gowns as a nod to tradition.

But, as floral is now the motif of choice for lots of brides, Kate could keep 'the firm' happy and set herself up as a new style icon at the same time. So, here are my favourite floral gowns - wouldn't it be lovely to see Miss Middleton in one of these...

Above - Oscar de la Renta on Martha Stewart

Above - Kevan Hall on Martha Stewart

Above - Elizabeth Fillmore Bridal on Brides

Above - Claire Pettibone on Martha Stewart

Above - Oscar de la Renta on Real Simple


  1. Gorgeous dresses!! Very nice selection. Cant pick a favourite - all so pretty! Sangeeta x

  2. I know, aren't they lovely? Although I think the Kevan Hall gown just edges it for me! That neckline, that sash... xx