Friday, 25 March 2011

I Love... Marshmallow Pops (Includes Recipe!)

Ok, so we've fallen in love with cake pops, we've licked our lips over macaron pops and now, we're going to be be greedily guzzling these oh-so sweet treats - marshmallow pops! These are just the cutest little things and best of all, they are so so simple to make (I make these with my 9yr old son and his creations are brilliant) so, if you don't think you're enough of a domestic goddess to try cake or macaron pops, I promise that you'll be able to make these without any trouble and in a pretty pastel mashmallowy moment, you'll be the queen of the kitchen.

So, take a look at these images and imagine the possibilities - favours, candy buffets, little canap├ęs or how about serving them with late night hot chocolate? The recipe is also included so what are you waiting for? Give them a try (just make sure you test a LOT!)

 Image above - Hostess With The Mostess

Ok, so to make these pops, you'll need...
marshmallows, Candy Melts (the colour is up to you!), Smarties or M&Ms, white sprinkles, lolly sticks

To make them, all you need to do is...
Insert the lolly sticks into the marshmallows then melt the Candy Melts in the mircowave until it's all nice and runny. Holding the lolly stick, dip half of the marshmallow in the molten candy then shower on the sprinkles and pop the Smartie or M&M on the top before the candy sets. Leave to harden (I stand mine in an upturned colander!)

Image above - Glorious Treats 

Above & Below - these are variations on the recipe above and easier to make if you can't find the Candy Melts (or haven't got time to do an on-line order). All you do is dip the marshmallow in melted chocolate before rolling the pop in hundreds & thousands.

 Image above - Our Family Eats

Below - these bigger pops are made by skewering two marshmallows onto the stick, dipping in white chocolate and then rolling in white sprinkles.
Image above - via weheartit

To display them, either stand them in a glass (as above and fill either coloured M&Ms, Smarties, jelly beans or other sweets) or get a block of polystyrene and poke the pops into that before covering with sweeties, flowers or anything you like!

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