Friday, 25 March 2011

(Very) Delicious Details... Edible Place Markers

I don't know about you but I find feeding people very satisfying for the soul - there's something so good about watching friends and family tucking in and enjoying themselves and that is especially true at weddings. A well planned wedding always looks after the guests, pampers them and makes them feel special so a few little edible treats and surprises always work wonderfully.

A favourite trick of mine is definitely using usual things in unusual ways so food as place markers is a big hit with me. Watching guests smile as they take their seats and see their little treat is such a joy and then, as they relax and the conversations start... Well, that's when you know you've done a good job.

So, here are a few ideas for place markers that literally are good enough to eat!

 Above - I adore these breadstick place markers! The holder could be made in one of two ways - a little glass votive holder with a paper wrap (print the guest's name on the paper before wrapping it) or cover a length of corrugated card with coloured paper (again, printed with the guest's name) and fold it into a ring. Image - Martha Stewart

 Above - Macarons are definitely one of the sweet treats of the year so these are very on trend. Little paper squares are wrapped around cocktail sticks to form flags and are then poked into the almondy heaven of the macaron. These are seating cards but you could so easily pop one at each place setting instead and of course, macarons can be made in almost any colour so they'll fit with any theme. Image - Marianne Wilson Photography

 Above - Such a simple idea but very effective - shot glasses, filled with sweets (you can use anything you like) have little beribboned cards, again on cocktail sticks, stood in them. Easy DIY (if you can stop yourself eating the sweets as you go!) Image - Melissa Jill Photography

Above - love these cute little buns with the names iced on to them - who can resist an iced bun?! Image - Real Simple

Above - here's the perfect place marker for any cupcake fans - these mini cupcakes are real sweeties. Circles cut from coloured card have smaller circles with the guests names printed on and are stuck onto a lolly or cocktail stick. Add another large coloured circle on the back to hide the stick and then pop into the cake. Set one at each place and watch the happy smiles appear. Image - Tammy Golson

Above - another simple idea with fresh and crispy apples. Two coloured card 'leaves' have names printed on and are then pinned onto the apple. You could use as seating cards - one leaf with the name, another with the table details - or as place markers on the tables in which case, the second 'leaf' could have a printed message from you as a nice touch. Image - The Knot

 Above - these fun fortune cookies are bright and tasty additions to the table. You can buy in your fortune cookies and dip half in melted Candy Melts in the colour you'd like. Add a strip of paper with the guest's name and a pithy phrase and there you have it. Image - via Squidoo

 Above - another simple and tasty idea - make the 'flag' with a cocktail stick and printed paper rounds (again, stick one on the front and on the back to hide the stick) and the spear the pretty wrapped little chocolate. Set at each place and let the nibbling commence! Image - Wedding Channel

 Above - who would have thought apples wrapped in baking parchment could look so fabulous? You could use any fruit (peaches or nectarines would be great or clementines in the winter) and then wrap a strip of parchment around and tie with raffia or ribbon. Here, a message to the guest has been written on the parchment but you could just write the name or add a tag to the knot. Image - Edible Crafts

Above - this is the perfect idea for an Easter wedding - black liquorice is coiled into nests and mini sweet eggs are popped inside. The card tag is poking out of the nest like a leaf that's trying to escape. Image - CK Events

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