Friday, 11 March 2011

I Love... Wedding Day Photo Studios

Wedding Day Photo Studios might be my new favourite thing for weddings - I'm over photobooths, now I'm into quirky set-ups with different shots of friends & family ranging from the oh-so sweet to the oh-so mad!

And, as a confirmed fan of wedding DIY, a great thing about this fab photo studios as that they're quite easy to DIY. As you can see below, this couple have strung a piece of fabric between two trees and are using it as an beautiful backdrop for their photos. I have to say that the choice of fabric, the gorgeous green of the willow and the great paper lanterns all work brilliantly. And how great to get 'group' shots with a bit more personality...

Above - how sweet are the kissing couple and I love the shot of the bridesmaids. Their dresses rock and there's something about the slightly full on stance and 'bouquets by the side' look here that really works against the feminine look of the bride (or am I over analysing?!)
Image - Jose Villa

Above - here's another great set-up. A simple fabric panel with the addition of some cute vintage bunting. The greenery will add a lovely frame to the top of the images too. Easy to copy and ever so effective. Image - Elizabeth Anne Designs

Above - now, this one might take a bit more prep work but I think the results might well be worth it. The sheet of plywood has a hole cut around head height and is then wallpapered (you could really indulge yourself here!) and the hole is then framed. The finished item is then propped up and your guests can pop their heads in the frame and ta-da, a perfect wedding photo studio with ready framed images! Image - Edyta Szyszlo

Above - a development of the frame idea we've already seen, this decorates the 'wall' with more framed pics of previous family weddings and has a couple of 'frames' at different heights. This gives more options for images as you can see and I love the detail of the old photos as a 'background'. Image - Manolo Brides

Or, another alternative is to speak to your photographer to see if he or she can help you set up a photo studio for the evening. Quite a few can supply props and other items you need as well as staying to take the photos which can then up-loaded so guests can order their own. Here are a few images from Dorset Wedding Photographer - Courtenay Photographic Ltd.

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