Monday, 21 March 2011

Real Wedding - Sparkling @ The Star & Garter, London

For those of you that don't know The Star & Garter on the banks of the Thames in Putney, London, you are missing a treat. It's one of the quirkiest venues around, full of the most amazing decorative details that veer from one look to another. It's also got a special spot in my heart as it was a favourite watering hole whilst I was at University. And if that alone wasn't enough to make me love this real wedding, check out the bride - she is just stunning. I love she's got her hair loose, I love the 'flower behind the ear' look and that slinky gown suits her curves perfectly. Sean Gannon from Energy Photographic has captured her spirit wonderfully. Sean's also currently running a 'win your wedding photography' competition - details are further down if you scroll on...

So, enjoy this real wedding and if you can, get yourself to The Star & Garter as soon as possible!

 Above & Below - I love these two images and I think this bride has an amazing look.

 Above - now that's a kiss! But do you know, it's not the way he's holding her, it's not the tender way she's holding him, it's the face of the chap in the bottom right, so full of joy, beautiful.

 Above & Below - great urban vibe and the contrast between the wall and the bride and groom is really fab.

 Above & Below - these two night shots are brilliant. I love the 'change of mood' they give and that streetlight is a fabulous prop!

If you'd like to find out more about Sean & Energy Photographic, take a look at his website or his blog. He's also running a fabulous 'win your wedding photography' competition right now that's definitely worth checking out!

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