Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Next Big Thing... Verrines

I love food. I absolutely adore it. I have more cookbooks than I need, I love baking, making and eating. I am happiest in my kitchen and I'm always on the look out for a good food idea. And right now, the foodie fad that I'm really loving for wedding is - the verrine!

From the French 'verre', or glass, verrines are gorgeous canapes served in glasses. They can be sweet or savoury, incredibly delicate or more robust but as the ingredients are layered, rather than mixed together or cooked in a traditional manner, they look fabulous and they're definitely something special. Imagine these pretty glasses full of goodness being handed around instead of canap├ęs (you could just serve one savoury and one sweet variety) or how about a whole range of them as an evening buffet?

So, take a look at these gorgeous verrines then get on the phone to your venue or caterer to make sure you're at the forefront of foodie fashion on your big day!

 Above - a deconstructed raspberry trifle verrine that looks totally yummy. Image - Odelices

 Above - love these tea jellies with cream and a scattering of pomegranate (and of course, the side of macarons don't hurt either!) Image - via Flickr

 Above - a smoked salmon & cream cheese verrine with a blini on the side - how fab! Image - Chefnini

Above - coconut pumpkin mousse with herby mascarpone, bitter chocolate curls and a courgette crisp. Image -  Desserts Talking

Above - a smoked salmon sandwich verrine style! salmon, dill, cream cheese, cucumber and cubes of bread hiding at the bottom! Image - Femina 

 Above - a little cheesy little verrine here with beets & orange with St Agur and a sprig of watercress. Image - Ile de France Cheese

Above - a complicated little verrine with sproutng shoots and a rough mushroom mousse. Image - Les Carnats de Nat


  1. Tamryn I LOVE these!
    I'm inspired for my next evening as hostess! Thank you millions x Duchy x

  2. Yay! So pleased you're inspired - they are just fabulous!

  3. They have been popular for a few years already in Italy. and you are right: they are very cool!

  4. You're lucky! We've had them in restaurants over here for a few years but now they're creeping out to weddings and I love it!