Thursday, 17 March 2011

In The Mood - Red & White Inspiration

When I was reading Nikki Ward's 'Supplier's Speech' at the weekend, I was reminded just how much I love the red & white, slight Scandinavian look. The freshness of the colours, the delicious whimsical appeal of the stripes and the overall happy vibe combines into something perfect for a light, bright wedding with oodles of personality.

Yes, I know red & white might be a little Christmassy (and trust me, it's perfect for festive weddings if you don't want to go to traditional with your colour choices) but if you stick with the stripes and/or have more white than red, it works all year around. For winter weddings, head toward the darker end of the red palette whilst for summer, apple and cherry reds are ideal.

So, enjoy this little burst of red & white inspiration (perfect reading with a red velvet cupcake!)

Above - how fab are these stripy bridesmaids? And those red wedge heels stop them looking too formal (and I bet they didn't sink into any grass all day!) Image - The Knot

Above - now this is a slightly darker version of the red & white flavour but still wonderfully impressive. I'm a big fan of the paper lanterns and the ribbon wrapped vases along the centre of that table look so striking. The little red votives flickering away lighten it up and I really like the square plates and angular glasses too. A sophisticated way to work the red & white! Image - Manolo Brides

Above - such an effective table plan! The perfectly laid out white triangles have each guest's name written in red and are just pinned on to the red backboard. The visual effect from this is quite stunning. Easy wedding DIY (you just need to patience to arrange the triangles!) Image - Susan Jackson

Above - is it just me or are you getting a seaside feel with this image? The striped tablecloth (with the sweet addition of candy floss pink stripes too!) has a definite deckchair feel and the red enamel bucket is making me think happy beach thoughts! Loving the mismatched white flowers and the chalkboard table number contrasts perfectly. Image - The Knot

Above - there's no way I could resist this image, my love of ribbon is just too overwhelming! The way the striped ribbon cascades from the table top adds a real hit of colour and the tumbling fabric really softens this look. The white bowls of red flowers (possibly carnations - if so, they're great for the budget!) look stunning and again, the petals add a touch of softness to the all white linen. Image - Country Living

Above - pretty peep toe shoes! Adore the colour - what a dose of bright happiness they'll be when they pop out from underneath the dress! The rose style accent is also a great touch and I love the fact that these are so much easy to re-use than traditional bridal shoes. Image - Susan Jackson

Above - how fabulous is this stripy cake? Stripy on the outside and on the inside! This will definitely make your guests smile when they receive their slice (and don't think I've not noticed the red rimmed plates - it's all about the detail!) Image - Style Frizz

Above - I know I said red & white didn't have to be Christmassy and then I go and include a pic of a candy cane but I hope you can forgive me. The idea of serving up red drinks in a sugar rimmed glass with a mini candy cane hooked cheekily over the side was just too much for me to resist so I feel no shame! You could achieve something similar in summer by popping red & white striped paper straws into bottle of pop. Image - Martha Stewart

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