Saturday, 12 March 2011

Thank You!

Just a very quick Saturday afternoon post from me to say a huge, massive and smiley 'thank you' to you all. Every day for the last week, more and more of you have been reading the blog, sharing the links and commenting on my posts. It's lovely, it's appreciated and it's made me very happy indeed. Thank you as well to everyone who has e-mailed me or messaged me to get involved or ask for more details on the ideas or just to say 'well done'. It means a lot. Can't quite believe hundreds and hundreds of you are reading every day! It's totally amazing in a really good way :-)

So, I promise to keep writing and keep sharing all the ideas in my head and trust me, after 8 years in the wedding industry and more than 250 weddings, there are plenty of things to share! And I hope you'll keep reading so if you're reading this, you're great x

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