Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Delicious Details - Confetti & Alternatives

Today is going to be all about confetti - what to use and how to use it! This post is full of ideas in case the idea of the traditional paper confetti just isn't doing it for you. It's also about detail and presentation (who would have guessed I'd think about that?!) because you can really do more with confetti than just cones in a basket and the sticky alternative of bubble mixture isn't so great either.

I have to admit that I am totally smitten with the sewn up packet look - I've had to struggle with windblown confetti cones at more weddings than I care to remember - so these pretty packets are practical, good looking and there are lots of ways to personalise them to your wedding theme. A great 'how to' make these little stitched superstars can be found here so I hope this post is a little inspirational (and I hope it also saves you from having bubble mixture blown into your face!)

 Above - just how great do these confetti bags look? Love the red stitched and the aqua label (red + aqua = one of my favourite colour palettes right now). The glassine bags have been stitched up and guests can just rip them open at the right moment. You could also use the same look for a favour bag (and switch the label to one saying 'Eat! Do Not Throw'!). Add in some stitched Orders of Ceremony and other details and you've got yourself a fab motif. Image - BandN Photography

 Above -a simpler version of the stitched bag, this also has oodles of impact. Here, little white paper bags (think sweet shop!) are filled and the label is stapled on to hold the bag safely shut. Again, you could mirror this look for favour bags filled with little sweets. Image - Conversation Pieces

 Above - For me, part of the beauty of this idea is the way it's set out - the gorgeous glass jars, the chunky chalked signs, the table top scattered with confetti, it's all so smile inducing. Pot pourri fills these jars but you could use anything you like and the practical lids will stop things being blown around in the breeze. Image - Elizabeth Messina

 Above - here's a great way to have bells, even if you're not getting married in a church! I love these little bells on ribbons and goodness me, how perfect would this be for a Christmas wedding too? Married to the sound of sleigh bells! Image - The Knot

 Above - biodegradable confetti is almost a must at weddings now and it's easy to DIY - here, strips of eco friendly paper are sewn into the glassine envelope and labelled but you could get creative and use shaped paper punched to fill your own little bags with hearts, stars, circles or any shape you wish. Image - Martha Stewart

 Above - more great wedding DIY here and this time, it's the turn of these gorgeous scented flowers. Punch the shapes you want with a paper punch, lay them out on baking parchment and give the whole lot a little spray with your favourite scent. Once they're dry, pop them in the envelope and seal to keep in the gorgeous smell until required. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - I am totally loving this quirky cute idea for a fab confetti alternative. Little brightly coloured pompoms are tucked into these oh-so sweet cones and given to guests to fling at the right moment. I love the look they've then created on the aisle to match (way coolers than a red carpet!) and if my eyes don't deceive me, there are large pompom garlands strung for decoration too. Brilliant for a bright, happy and fun wedding. Image - via Before The Big Day

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