Tuesday, 15 March 2011

What Your Choice Of Bridal Bag Says About You - Part 1

We know that we're all giving out signals all the time - how we stand, how we speak, how we dress and, in my case, how we wave our hands around when we're talking. But did you know your choice of handbag also speaks volumes?

I'm absolutely thrilled that the UK's only 'bagologist', the fabulous Debbie Percy from Handbag Therapy, is here to save you from making a bridal bag faux pas or to give you an insight into why you might have chosen a particular design and what that choice says about you! And of course, if you're off to a wedding as a guest, don't forget to check out the bride's bag and decipher the meaning.

So, here are the first four bags that Debbie has been casting her eye over for us (four more to come later!)...

Above -Debbie says "A dream come true - and this bride has a clear dream! She knows herself inside out and back again! She will be drawn to slightly unusual, even bizarre, ideas to bring her day to life and she'll want to be in on all the planning & details. She'll be a dream to work with knowing what she likes and what it will take for her day to be everything she'd hoped." Image - Vintage Bridal Jewellery
Above - Debbie says "I do - says it all for this bride whose focus is to have 'the wedding of all weddings. She'll insist on a wedding day packed with purity, perfection and style with a clear sense of her own desires. Above all, her light will shine brightly throughout the day and even if slip ups occur, nothing will spoil it; she remains positive and steadfast knowing 'it will be alright'." Image - Crystal Bridal Accessories

Above -Debbie says "love me, love me not - whether you like it or not, this bride knows her mind! She is as she appears and expects sincerity back from others in equal measure. Her focus is selfless: all the day's details must meet the needs of her adored guests and groom. Above all, she'll create a day of beauty and balance." Image - Elbo

Above - Debbie says "Lady Luck is surely synonymous with the bride who carries a bag like this. Success and elegance will follow her up the aisle. Our bride to be will love having wedding 'dos and don'ts' and will be sure to have a few of her own! Expect some drama and extremes on the day and DON'T whatever you do hold anything back - this bride won't like surprises and secrets are totally taboo!" Image - Amazon

If you'd like to find out more about Handbag Therapy and Debbie, do take a look at the website or follow Debbie on Twitter. And if you are a lover of all bags or if you'd like something that's unusual and fun for your hen weekend, then a Handbag Therapy Party would be perfect.

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