Thursday, 24 March 2011

I Love... Clothes Pegs

Now, I can imagine exactly what you thought when you read that title - you've either thought "hmmm, interesting idea, I'll take a look" or "goodness me, has she gone totally mad?". If it was the former, well done and if it was the latter, stick with me...

Clothes pegs are great - they are whimsical, they are fun, they are gentle on the budget and they are so so easy to use. I just love them for seating card/table plan displays with a sense of fun and also for photo displays, guest book/card displays - in fact use them as you wish! I hope this post gives you a little inspiration and that sales of clothes pegs rocket!

Above - love this simple seating card/table plan. Coloured card cut with shaped scissors (or bought ready cut!) the guest's names and seating assignments printed on. Then, they're just pegged on some plain string for a great rustic look (these colours would be perfect for an autumnal wedding but change the colours to suit your theme) Image - Amanda Kraft

Above - here's some proof that pegs still work with a more formal feel and these more traditional cards look great. Here, little tent fold cards (you can buy ready scored card for place cards at somewhere like Hobbycraft in the UK) have the names and seating details on them (you could use printed labels stuck onto the card or how about using a white pen straight onto coloured card?) Image - Belathee Photography

Above - how pretty is this? The sweetest washing line ever! Little squares of gingham fabric, cut with pinking shears so no sewing, have the paper dragon flies with the guest's names and table details written on in matching ink attached to them, all of which is then pegged onto the cord. This would work with any colour fabric and any shaped card. Image - Belathee Photography

Above - here's another great piece of peg DIY - the pegs are holding the seating tags onto an old drier! Obviously, you  could use anything, even branches of blossom or wigs would be a great basis for a little bit of perfect pegging. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - now I love photo displays at weddings - it gets guests talking, laughing and it can fill in the gaps of pieces of your lives because not every guest will know everything about you. I think this display is fab but there are also plenty of alternatives - you could back your photos on pretty paper or fabric and peg them up, punch a hole in the corner of the photos and tie on a ribbon before pegging or just attach the photos straight to the cord with the peg. Get creative! Image - Pixel Arts Photography


  1. I'm a big fan of clothes pegs. They're the budget bride's dream!

  2. They absolutely are! I love them!