Thursday, 31 March 2011

I Need Ideas For... A Country Fete Theme Table Plan

Earlier this week, I received a tweet from a wonderful bride to be, Michelle, asking for some inspiration for her forthcoming wedding. She wanted ideas for a table plan and Orders of Service (or ceremony programs to my US readers!) that would fit with her 'country fete' theme day in June. So, being someone who likes a little challenge and likes to help, I'm dedicating today's two posts to Michelle and I hope she likes some of the ideas that I've come up with for her.

If you'd like some inspiration for your day, if you have a question that you'd like answered or if I can give you some advice, then just send me an e-mail or find me on Twitter (I'm @tamrynkirby if you'd like to follow me!) and I'll be happy to help.

But for now, it's all about Michelle and table plan ideas for her country fete day...

Above - I like this clean but bunting filled table plan. A white card backing has separate cards with each table's guests listed on them. Ribbon accents and a mini bunting decoration (cut from any patterned paper or fabric) finish this wonderfully. The couple's names and the table names are in a pretty font too for extra prettiness. Image - 5 Star Wedding Directory

Above - more beautiful bunting! Here, each flag represents a table and the guest's names have been printed onto fabulously coloured card (obviously, you can use any colour combination that suits your theme). Trimmed into neat triangles and pegged onto the string, this is easy wedding DIY. Image - AJH Photography

Above - I love this! Fabric bunting just has printed table details stuck on. Of course you could make your own bunting (and I think Michelle has!) but you could 'personalise' any bunting you buy. This looks so pretty and you could use the same fabric to wrap around napkins etc for a co-ordinated look. Image - Dazzle Me Decor

Above - A great bunting display of seating cards. Each guest has their own little paper triangle and these have two holes punched in them so they can be threaded on to ribbon and then strung up. The mix of pretty pastels here is gorgeous, especially when you've got that beautiful blue background, but you could use this display anywhere in your venue. Image - Event Angel

Above - A more traditional table plan here but still gorgeously fitting with the theme du jour. Paper rectangles detailing the guests sitting on each table are stuck onto fabric and then these are in turn arranged on a large piece of backing card. I love the ditsy numbers, the bunting swirling across the top of the plan and the cake made of fabric scraps in the bottom left corner is a fabulous touch too. Image - Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous

Above & Below - Another brilliant option that's simple DIY. Tags with the guest's seating details are tied onto beautiful ribbon and pegged onto twine for the guests to pluck off as they pass. You could use coloured card for the tags or stick to neutral tags and ribbon and hang a piece of funky fabric behind for a splash of colour as below. Image - Luna & Chloe (above) & You & Your Wedding (below)

Now the next three images are all variations on a theme but a fabulous theme nonetheless. I love chalkboard signs at weddings - they're easy to DIY and if you make a mistake or need to make a change, it's not a problem. You can make your own chalkboards to any size or shape - speak to your local DIY shop as they'll be able to cut wood to your specifications and then you simply paint it with chalkboard paint. After that, get creative with your chalks! You can buy chalk 'pens' which are really easy to use and make writing and designing much much easier than using traditional chalk sticks. You could frame your board, prop it on an easel, lean it against a tree, tuck it somewhere suitable or hang it from a wall or door. 

 Image - Snippet & Ink

 Image - My Wedding

 Image - Wedding Window

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