Friday, 11 March 2011

Delicious Details - Chair Decorations

Now today, I'm going to let you into a little secret. A secret that will probably have some of you gasping in horror and thinking I'm awful but, a girl has to be honest.

My secret is - I really am not a fan of chair covers. At all.

I know, I know, but it's a personal thing - I think chair covers can make a room look crowded and small and all you end up seeing is chair covers and nothing else! I would much prefer to change the chairs and/or 'pretty them up' than cover them over. So, assuming you're still reading and haven't binned my blog after my revelation, here are some really delicious details to try instead of covering your poor old chairs up like a spot on your wedding day...

Above - oooh, the prettiness. A simple little circlet hung on the chairback with a length of ribbon. Elegant and simple. You could have a circlet of just about anything here so maybe use something that ties in with your wedding theme? Or speak to your florist for inspiration. The neat freak in me can't resist pointing out that the ends of the ribbon have been cut into a 'v' shape - perfect if you want to avoid fraying. Image - Trendee Flowers

Above - love love LOVE this oh-so simple piece of wedding DIY. Get lots of lengths of ribbon and tie to chairs. It honestly doesn't get much easier than that. Get ahead before the day by pre-cutting all of the ribbons and grouping them together 'per chair' so whoever is tying them on doesn't have to worry about cutting and counting. Image - The Sweetest Occasion

Above - paper is BIG news for wedding decoration and these tissue paper pom poms are perfect for chairs as they're light, easy to DIY and economical. The gingham accents on these beauties add a splash of colour and a delicious ditsy feel. An A+ from me! Image - The Knot

Above - hurrah for doilies! I know, I'm a little in love with doilies but how sweet is this? Mini doilies threaded onto cotton, hung and secured with ribbon wrap and bows. Goodness me, this is gorgeously good wedding DIY. Image - Sweet Occasions Studio

Above -how perfect is this idea for a country wedding or for any colour scheme with a hint of lavender. Sprigs of dried lavender are just tied onto chair backs with ribbons and big bows. Much more in keeping with all things vintage than chair covers, I'm sure you'll agree! Image - Polly Wreford

Above - yes, I know this image is of pew ends but it could so easily work for chairs. Pretty galvanised buckets are filled with flowers and tied on with ribbon. You could up the DIY level by using recycled tin cans (they don't even have to be the same size if you'd prefer a less uniform look). You could wrap a band of ribbon around each can for extra zing. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - these beautiful fabric flowers will make you get your sewing kit out and get stitching. There are lots of templates on-line and you can of course make your flowers in any colour and for any season. Loving the contrasting ribbon here too, really striking. Image - Gia Canali

Above - granted, this faux flower heart might be a little much for every chair but they would be a great way to make the chairs at the top table that bit more special. You would always use them to decorate during the ceremony and then move them to the chairs for the dinner - as they're faux, they'll be more hardwearing and able to stand lots of moves. Image - Factory Direct Craft

Above - yippeee, more papery goodness. Here, the flowers are much more loose and in some really vibrant colours. If they were tied on to the chairs with clear thread, it would look like they'd just fallen at the right moment and you could always make bigger versions for decorating other spaces too. Image - Blue Castle Photography

Above - floral garlands are never going to go out of style and I just adore the rustic vibe in this shot. Love the unusual colour choice of the table linen, love how the white chairs & napkins contrast so perfectly and the flowers look garden fresh and really natural. Who wouldn't feel fab sitting at this table? Image - Belathee


  1. Always the doilies! I just love them! So versatile & effective and so economical as well. Perfect! :-)