Tuesday, 29 March 2011

In The Mood - Scrabble Inspiration

I'm sure there are quite a few of us that hears the word 'Scrabble' and are immediately plunged into flashbacks of forced family 'game sessions' (and in the days before that meant bowling on the wii!), board games played on rainy days in the school holidays and, inevitably, having to play against that annoying person who adjusts the rules as they go along and complains bitterly if they're not triumphant. For me, 'Scrabble' immediately makes me think of ultra competitive tournaments with my Aunts (one of whom, I swear, knows all the two letter words in the official Scrabble dictionary).

But hold on one moment, push those slightly traumatic memories from your mind and embrace Scrabble as being rather fabulous for weddings. No, I'm not suggesting you pit guest against guest but rather you take the humble letter tiles and transform them into something that's even more fabulous than placing the word 'quartzy' on a triple letter square. Let your therapy commence...

Above - I totally adore this look (which shows you just how great it is as I do have a bit of a bird phobia) because it's just so natural, so understated and so wonderful. The 'just picked' flowers in the simple vase are perfect - anything more and they would have totally overwhelmed that cake. And I love the blocks the cake is resting on too and lo, there are the little Scrabble tiles, happily spelling out their message. The only downside to this image for me is, and yes, I know I am obsessed but creased table linen? No no no! So not good and so not necessary - please venues, stop just unfolding linens and throwing them straight on tables because it's really not good enough. Brides - insist on better! Image - You Look Nice Today

Above - Ahhhh, girlie pink prettiness! Scrabble and doilies and flowers and hearts and rustic detailing? Yes please! The Scrabble letters add a fabulous whimsical touch and they are just so sweet here. This set would be a great backdrop for a dessert table or card & gift table. I'd love to see those flowers being replicated in bouquets or tablecentres and those Scrabble tiles would make great cufflinks for the chaps in the wedding party. Image - Fresh In Love

Above - So many thing in this image that I love, I'm considering a round of applause. This is a little masterclass in understated, natural beauty. The piles of vintage books tied with ribbon are wonderful and are an inspired stand for those wooden painted table numbers. I love the white paint on the wood there and the Scrabble tiles spelling out the table number are a perfect touch. I love the 'thrown together' look of the flowers, I am smiling because the place settings are so uncluttered - just one glass, one set of cutlery and a flat fold napkin trailing beautifully over the table edge. I love the muted table linen and runner and my perfectionist heart is singing because that linen is smooth and wonderfully crease free. Yes, I am going to give this a big 'hurrah'! Image - Jeff Wallace

Above - oooh, more things to sigh and swoon over. These seating card tags are beautiful - the mini Scrabble tiles spelling out sweet little words and phrases. The tags have been personalised with the  bride & groom's names and wedding date and the table numbers are just written on the bottom. I love the way these have been pegged up and the colours look like they've also been sunbleached. These tags could be replicated as place markers, as an alternative guestbook for guests to leave message on or, with holes punched in the top and ribbon threaded through, they would make excellent bookmark favours (each one could include the guest's initials in Scrabble tiles). Image - Jeff Wallace 

Above - I adore this image as it's proof positive that Scrabble accents don't have to be limited to down-home, country affairs. I love the accent colour here and those silver table name frames are gorgeous. The Scrabble tiles are used to spell out the table 'names' and also the seating assignments on those oh-so elegant escort cards. Those potted plant table centres are spot on as well and hurrah hurrah - perfectly smooth table linen. I am a happy girl. Image - Sarah McGee

Above - This layered look is totally perfect (although, being picky, that top plate is not quite central!). The wide check of the table linen and matching napkin is brilliant - the red adds a splash of colour without being too overpowering or the check too fussy. The coloured place mat and the red water glass bring a little more colour to the set whilst that shiny red apple is pretty much the cherry on top. As you can see, the place card is a Scrabble tile rack and tiles spelling the guest's name and you just know all the guests at that table will be seeing who has the highest scoring name which will certainly get them talking! Image - Tara Whittaker

Above - ok, so this isn't a wedding setting per se but stay with me - how fabulous would a grouping like this look in a box frame as 'wedding memory'? A photo, your place cards, maybe a menu, some trimmings from the day and anything else - totally gorgeous. At weddings I've worked on, I've always tried to save some things for the bride and groom, especially when I know they've spent ages deciding or even handmaking items but all too often, they're shoved in a box or a drawer and never seen again when really, they're little works of art. Gather your memories and keep them on display to enjoy everyday. Image - The Sweetest Occasion

Above - just adore this candy pink typewriter and what a fabulous alternative guest book (note the Scrabble tiles spelling out what needs to be done!). Guests will love bashing the keys and typing a personal note to you both and no-one need worry about their none-to-neat handwriting either! If you're doing something like this, have lots more pieces of paper than you think you'll need so there's plenty of spares in case of errors. To create an instant display nearby, string up some ribbons and leave piles of pegs so guests can hang up their messages. Image - You Look Nice Today


  1. What a fabulous idea. Great ideas there. If you cannot find scrabble tiles it would be a simple job to make some. All you would need would be a saw, sandpaper letter stamps and ink pad.

  2. Now that's a great tip, thank you Jan. If you smiled nicely at the people at the DIY store, they might even cut the tiles for you!