Sunday, 6 March 2011

Delicious Details - Orders of Ceremony

As much as "it's all in the detail", as brides to be (and wedding planners!) will also know "the devil's in the detail" and one thing that often gets overlooked in the whole design excitement are the Orders of Ceremony. We often have loads of fab ideas about decorations but then so often fall-back to printed cards which, whilst obviously informative, could most certainly be improved.

Orders of Ceremony are really great for guests - as weddings become increasingly different (and I'm all for that!), it's so helpful to help your guests navigate their way from ceremony to drinks, canapes, dinners, speeches, dances, entertainment, photos and even oh-so hip after parties. And that's before you even think about dinners the night before or breakfasts the day afterwards. The more you can tell guests, the more they can relax. It's quite tense sometimes when people are out of their comfort zone and don't know what's going on. Don't keep secrets on your wedding day and Orders of Ceremony are a perfect way to spread the word.

So, here are a few more creative ideas for your Orders of Ceremony and lots are perfect wedding DIY too (well, you know me...)

Above - I love love LOVE this ideas from Martha Stewart - these simple booklets are made into something really special with the addition of a little glassine envelope filled with confetti. Perfect - everyone has their confetti but it's tucked away with no chance of blowing around before the big moment!

Above - how cute is this idea from Elizabeth Anne Designs? Part Order of Ceremony, part favour and all perfectly designed. Something like this is a fabulous way to bring your personalities into your day and a bit of creative thinking is all it takes.

Above - awww, there's so much to love in this gorgeous Order of Ceremony. A simple card pocket, decorated with some patterned paper and a tag tucked inside with the all details. Add a ribbon tie, loop it over a chair and you're done. This would work for any style of wedding and any colour combination so thank you Martha Stewart for another great idea.

Above - how about this for a wonderful idea for a warm weather wedding captured by Chicago Illinois Wedding Photography? These Order of Ceremony 'fans' are really just two sheets of card around a lolly stick (you can buy new ones at Hobbycraft) and tied with ribbon. Simple to DIY and super when temperatures soar.

Above - Oh. My. Goodness. I just adore the simplicity of this design - three slightly different shades of card, printed with the information and attached with a brad (look in the 'scrapbooking' section of Hobbycraft for these). Oh-so easy and oh-so elegant - a perfect combination from Martha Stewart.

Above - be still my beating stationery loving heart! I think this is fabulous but again, this could be an easy DIY if you wanted. A large envelope with the 'flap' cut off, the card printed & slipped inside, an attractive cover glued on and ribbon glued to the back to tie over the chair. So effective and you could use any colour scheme too. Can I get one of these for my office chair please Art of Love?

Above - the last lovely idea here is a bow-tiful one. The flat printed card is just folded into the centre and tucked under a wrap of contrasting card. Can you imagine how striking that could look with a bold colour scheme or you could keep it elegant as Martha Stewart has here. Perfect DIY and easy to personalise, what more do you need?

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