Friday, 25 March 2011

Real Wedding - Magic @ Maunsel House

Yesterday, we saw Chris & Michelle's e-shoot and today we're off to their wedding! I just love this wedding from Dorset Wedding Photographer - Courtney Photographic. The details & decorative touches are very clever, the bride's dress is absolutely stunning, the shots of the couple on their own are brilliant and everyone seems to be having a great time. This wedding took place at Maunsel House, a stunning country estate in Somerset which, as you can see, provides plenty of great backdrops for some really stunning photos.

Above - I have such a thing for low backed gowns & this plus the big bow is just fabulous.

Above - I actually get a bit emotional just looking at the bride's Father here - how proud is he?

Above - emotional guests = fabulous wedding memories

Above - old style 'sweep me off my feet' romance in one image

Above - how true! A well timed & well placed shot

Above - love these moss filled trays of seating cards

Above - a photo display of other family members on their wedding days is a wonderful personal touch

If you'd like to find out more about Dorset Wedding Photographer - Courtenay Photographic, you can visit his website or blog or stalk him on Twitter

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  1. ha ha thanks Tamryn :-) It really was a lovely day and at one of my fav venues for a wedding too. Looking very much forward to seeing Michelle again this year, this time playing Bridesmaid to one of her Bridesmaids, Jaimie :-)

    I do like the thought of being stalked on Twitter ;-)