Thursday, 24 March 2011

Delicious Details - Ribboned Seating Cards

I am a big fan of seating or escort cards - I love the hundreds of different ways you can present them, I love the way they feel more personal and more intimate than a big board with everyone's names on and I, very practically, love the thought that should you need to change any seating arrangements at the last minute, you can easily change one card without ruining a large seating chart. So they win on all fronts - pretty, personal & practical.

So, imagine how happy I am when gorgeous seating cards are combined with sweet ribbon touches. To me, things with ribbons always seem a bit like presents, they seem special and they seem soft and luxurious. Of course, this might just be me but take a look at these delightful ribboned seating cards and then tell me, hand on heart, that you don't see the same...

 Above - this is such a simple seating card display but it's incredibly effective. Here, the beautifully calligraphied cards are pegged (hurrah - clothes pegs!) on to lengths of  vivid ribbon and strung between trees (obviously, you could string your cards anywhere - I think inside a venue, string them over a window so you get a pretty backdrop). Easy wedding DIY here - just make sure you use super sharp scissors so the ribbon cuts cleanly and cut on an angle to avoid fraying. Image - Meg Smith

 Above - if you want to display your seating cards outside but don't want to be chasing them around in the breeze, this is a great idea. Here, lengths of organza ribbon are pinned over the table and the cards are just slipped underneath. Guests can easily take their cards out to find their seats but your carefully arranged display isn't going to be ruined by any sudden gusts! Love this - you can prep in advance by pre-cutting the lengths of ribbon and for added glamour, use pearl headed pins to attach the ribbon strips to the table. Image - Martha Stewart

 Above - I love this pastel bright idea. Here, the seating cards are made from two circles of contrasting cards (or you could make them all the same for a more uniform look if you wanted) and a hole is punched at the top and the bottom. The cards are then threaded on to ribbon strands and hung to create the display. If you're worried about the cards slipping down the ribbon once they're hung, a little dab of glue on the back will hold them in place. Image - Jessica Cupan on Flickr

 Above - another simple seating idea that you can prepare in advance. Here, the cards are tied with sweet ribbon bows onto lengths of fine cord that's then hung between two wal. I like here that the spacing between the cards isn't millimetre perfect and the cards don't all line up exactly, this stops the display looking 'too' neat and guests can un-tie their cards without fretting about disturbing the look!  Image - Event Accomplished

 Above - this might be the 'original' ribbon seating card display that is just ideal if you've not got space to hang or string cards. Here, a large board has strips of ribbon wrapped around it (pin or glue them on behind the board, the ribbon can't be attached to the front) and then tent fold cards are simply hooked over the ribbon. Guests can easily pick their cards off and you can easily shuffle the cards around! And how much for I love the over-sized quilledheart decoration on the table? Gorgeous. Image - Martha Stewart

 Above - a variation on the organza strips we saw earlier but her the cards are clipped onto the coloured ribbons (hmmm, coral & aqua - one of my favourite colour palettes right now) You could find those cute curly clips in the scrapbooking section of a craft store and prep in advance by clipping them onto the ribbons and carefully folding them to transport to your venue before laying them out. Do pin the ribbon onto the table linen at the edges of the table so the strips don't move but leave the ends loose as here for an easy, breezy look. Image - Melissa Scholleart

 Above - a very simple but effective way of adding ribbon detailing to a more traditional seating card display - just punch two little holes at the top of the card, thread the ribbon through and tie in a knot (a knot is easier to tie here than getting all muddled making tiny bows!). Alternatively, don't bother punching holes and just wrap the ribbon around the top of the card near the fold and tie the know at the front. I love the cards in different shades of purple and the white writing is a fabulous touch. This would work with any colour scheme or theme. Image - Devonshire Photography via The Knot

Above - I love the sandbox seaside wedding seating card display. Here, the fabulously red ribbon is used to tie the seating card onto the little starfish. Of course, you could adapt this idea to suit your theme - how about tying the tags onto lollipops or favour boxes? Image - Wedding Bee

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