Monday, 21 March 2011

In The Mood - Apple Inspiration

'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' or so goes the rhyme. Now I'm not sure if that's strictly true but 'an apple is a way to make a great wedding day' definitely is. I think apples are fabulous wedding inspiration - the colours are so alive, there's lots you can do with them, they're fresh and they're a little bit unexpected which is always good.

Great for any wedding with an outdoors theme, green apples are great in the summer and the red tones are ideal for autumnal celebrations. And think of the food & drink possibilities - apple based cocktails (bring on the Calvados!), pork & apple, apple crumble or apple pie desserts and how about toffee apple favours?

So, before I get totally distracted with thoughts of food, here's some apple inspiration for you to feast on...

Above -Love. These. Shoes. Honestly, what a gorgeous detail. The colour is just so tangy, the apple-esque ruffle and oh oh oh, those red soles. Wedding shoe heaven that proves you don't need to go neutral and coloured shoes are just fabulous. Image - Hasel Bride

Above - This country styled bouquet is full of autumnal and harvest-time goodness. The foliage, the greenery and the apples combine here to make something really fabulous. It has a 'straight from the orchard' look that has such a natural appeal. Image - April & Karen Yu

Above - These table centres are fabulous and would be easy wedding DIY - a glass hurricane lantern is filled with apples and tied with a wide band of green ribbon. The table name is printed on a clear sticky label (you can do this on a home printer) and then the place cards are apples with cards pinned to them. Simple and oh-so effective. Image - Blue Belle Bridal

Above - Start the apple theme early on with some great stationery complete with a fruity motif. Love the colours here - reds and green obviously but the other natural hues look good enough to eat. Image - Manolo Brides

Above - Didn't I say toffee apples would be great favours? Well, here's an alternative - mini caramel coated apples served as canap├ęs. What a tasty treat that is! Image - Martha Stewart

Above - Perfect country seating cards, very laid back and very unfussy. Apples just have the seating cards pinned to them and are piled into a wooden crate lined with moss. A great seating card detail what is perfectly easy wedding DIY. Image - Cameron Ingalls

Above - If you'd like your seating card display to be a little more ordered and a little prettier, how about this? The sweet pink apples have contrasting cards stuck, flag style, into them and are lined up on a yummy coloured table. Could you resist taking a bite? Image - The Knot

Above - How is this for a gorgeous autumnal table? The bare wood table looks amazing with the greeny glasses, the pine cones and the leaves. Apple place makers look fabulous here and if it gets chilly, hand around the mulled cider! Image - Souder Photography

Above - This chair decoration fits our theme perfectly - green apples are threaded onto wire and tied with a selection of co-ordinating ribbons. A definite DIY option. Image - Factory Direct Craft

Above - A really beautiful green and white bouquet that would be brilliant for a green apple wedding. Again, it's so natural and elegant, nothing over-worked or artificial here, just lots of simple goodness. How apple inspired is that?! Image - Apple Blossom Florist


  1. Love the apple theme

    "You're the apple of my eye"

    Meaning = Someone, that you cherish above all others!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the comment - I love it too and I love the 'apple of my eye' link too :-)