Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Supplier's Speech - Knots & Kisses

I have to admit that I absolutely love stationery- new notebooks, note cards, writing paper, diaries, you name it. So, I'm particularly happy that this week's Supplier's Speech is with the super stationer, Nikki Ward from Knots & Kisses...

Tell me a little bit about your business...
I started Knots & Kisses Wedding Stationery just over 2 years ago after helping quite a few friends and family with their weddings and stationery. I finally decided to take the plunge and set up my own business producing 100% handmade stationery. The stationery we offer definitely has a vintage flavour and I like using embellishments such as lace, pearls and diamante. We also offer a bespoke service so a couple can exactly what they want. We operate nationwide but I am based in Essex and will quite happily go to meet clients for bespoke consultations.

What's so great about working in the wedding industry?
The wedding industry is amazing... most people you meet are passionate about weddings, whether that be the couples you work with or other suppliers. Everyone is just so enthusiastic about wanting to create that one perfect day for the couple involved... that's what I love, helping make a couple's day perfect. I think the stationery is the ideal starting point!

In your opinion, what are the most important questions brides should ask when they're booking suppliers?
Certainly, when it comes to stationery, brides really need to find out what the delivery schedule is going to be. Many brides would love handmade stationery but really don't understand that this will mean ordering my further in advance than you may have to for printed. Also, if you are on a strict budget, let your stationery company know from the start. We can then work tightly to your budget, adapt invitations to suit it and always make suggestions to save you money! There is nothing worse as a stationer than working with a couple and creating a bespoke design for them and then they say it's out of their price range!
Have you got any great wedding tips you'd like to share?
Many people make the mistake of ordered one invitation per person. Remember families and couples only need one invitation! Orders of Service can also often be shared between two people if you're looking to save money. Remember to order a couple of extra blank invitations, even if you are ordering stationery with pre-printed guest names, just in case any of your original guest list can't come and you want to send an invitation to someone else.
What makes a wedding really fabulous?
By far and above the most important factor for me for a fabulous wedding is that it 100% reflect the style of the couple getting married. Great weddings always involve a totally relaxed couple having fun.
How do you prepare for a wedding?
The run up to most weddings involves getting their reception stationery ready and producing handpainted table plans to match their stationery. All of these items are delivered at least a week before the big day.

What are some of your favourite wedding memories?
My favourite wedding so far to date has been that of a friend who's stationery I did. She got a licence at a local theatre and had an art deco theme which include a theatre ticket as the invitation. I also produced matching table plans. The day was amazing... she had a red dress and matching top hat and I was thrilled to have been such a big part of the day!
What do you think the next 'big thing' in weddings will be?
Trends in weddings are definitely following those in fashion and interiors. A handmade and handcrafted look is really popular and vintage is still key but it's being pushed to slightly darker and quirkier levels. Victoriana, tweed, circus posters and antique jewellery are great inspirations. I'm also still getting lots of inspiration from Alice in Wonderland and Scandinavian red and white wool items.
If you could give brides just one piece of advice, what would it be?
Be yourself. Don't be pushed into having 'the norm' when it comes to weddings. If you give me a ring with an unusual idea, I guarantee I won't be one of those suppliers who will tell you it's not suitable for a wedding, I'll think it's fabulous!
If you would like to contact Nikki or find out more about Knots and Kisses...
You can visit the Knots & Kisses website, follow Nikki on Twitter, e-mail her via or call on 07976 625201. Nikki also has a blog full of great design ideas.

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