Saturday, 19 March 2011

I Love... Buttons

I have a real love of taking one detail, one motif and using it throughout a wedding. It works like a wonderful decorative glue that bring everything neatly together and keeps a scheme running throughout. And today, my 'detail du jour' is the humble button.

They come in every shape, size, colour and material (personally, the shimmering mother of pearl buttons are my absolute favourite). You can scatter them, sew them or attached them in any way you like and, if you think a bit creatively, you can use them in ways you wouldn't expect. And that's the joy - using something 'every day' to create something undeniably 'special day'.

So, here's some button based inspiration (and, you now clearly need the gorgeous button tin from Cath Kidston as well!)

Above - How much do I love this tablescape? The beribboned coloured glass bottle, the garden flowers, the pile of beautifully coloured vintage books tied with a fab stripy bow, the little mini-pot arrangements and ooooh, the buttons! I think they add a great quirky detail to this look so thumbs up. Image - We Love Pictures

Above -If you liked the Brooch Bouquets from the other day, you'll understand why I had to include this fab Button Bouquet too! The colours are gorgeous, the layered look and texture are great and you can DIY here by putting the buttons on long thin wire strands and bundling them together as you would with flower stalks. I think this would be particularly fab for a small bridesmaid. Image - Otto Schulze

Above - I have already professed my love for Mother of Pearl buttons so it's no surprise I go gooey over this idea which proves buttons look great with more elegant & sophisticated wedding themes too. The off-white calligraphy on the seating cards matches the buttons beautifully and I really like the randomness of the buttons themselves which stops this look being too contrived. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - Another great seating card idea, this one has hit my whimsical radar. Completely do-able wedding DIY here with little luggage tags decorated with big bold buttons bearing the guest's name and seating details. The tags are tied with simple twine and pinned to a board. You could add a frame of a fabric backing if you wanted more wow of course. Image - Max Wanger

Above - How cute & personal are these button rings? They would make fabulous accessories for bridesmaids or the cutest little themed favours for female guests. Image - Lotus Jewellery Studio on Etsy

Above - Love this buttoned-up favour packaging. I know they're not 'strictly' buttons but if you were going to DIY, you could use buttons or, thick card discs as here. The embossed 'thank you' is great but not necessary if you were doing it yourself. Add a dangling hand written tag from the twine instead. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - Gorgeous napkin rings! Funky buttons are just threaded with ribbon and tied around the folded napkins. Such a simple idea that would be easy DIY. Thread a tag onto the ribbon as well and you've got a place card too. Whether you choose co-ordinating or constrasting combinations is your call, either will look great. I have to admit, I'm making these for myself as they'll look great at home too. Image - Ideal Home Magazine

Above - Some more ways to bring buttons into your day. The cakes are great but it's the bouquets that really caught my eye - the ribbon wrapped stems secured with buttons are absolutely gorgeous. Images - The Knot & Martha Stewart

I'm sure you'll have seen the fabulous big decorative hearts made of buttons and they're quite easy to DIY. There's a really good Button Heart 'how to' on the Magpie & Button blog. You could use any colour button to tie in with your wedding theme and smaller hearts would make great chair decorations or place markers.


  1. I never realised buttons could be so versatile and cute :-) I especially love the seating plan and button rings :-)

    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Gill Field

  2. Hi Gill - thanks for the feedback, I'm so pleased you're inspired! I really feel some of the best decorative touches happen when you take everyday items and turn them into something special :-)