Thursday, 17 March 2011

What Your Choice Of Bridal Bag Says About You - Part 2

Like wedding rings follow engagement rings, part 2 of this fab feature inevitably, and happily, follows part 1 (which, if you missed it, is here). The totally lovely Debbie Percy from Handbag Therapy has cast her expert eye over four more wedding day handbags and explains how your choice speaks volumes about you...

Above - "'Love knows no bounds' sums up our wedding bag of simplicity. But looks can be deceiving! If you are this bride's intended, grab her quick before she's gone! This bride loves to travel, she adores adventure and is always packed and ready to go. She'll breeze through her big day with ease but bridesmaids, be on guard. She's bound to have a surprise or two under her veil!" Image - Shefaly

Above - "'To have & to hold' and who wouldn't want to hold this charming clutch? From this day forth this bride will be kind through and through. She is tactful with others, full of forgiveness and loves to be in the company of like-minded pals. For her marriage to be all that it promises, her groom will need to be a decision maker and keep her feeling as though she is moving forward in life!" Image - Precious Bags
Above -"'Into the future we go' - a bride full of self expression and desire! A wonderfully tiered veil should accompany this bride to match the many layers of her personality. A woman of instinct, intuition and creativity. She'll be driven by a desire to know where she's going and how to get there with many questions along the way." Image - Rocks For Frocks

Above - "'You are my rock' - a wedding planner's dream bride! You'll see no flapping, hear no screaming and see not foot stomping! This is a bride who is stable & secure; grounded & down to earth. She loves practicalities and has a strong sense of self. When it comes to getting things done, she has more persistence than you can throw a bouquet at!" Image - Not On The High Street

If you'd like to find out more about Debbie and the really rather wonderful Handbag Therapy, then either take a look at her website or follow her on Twitter for all the bag related news you could wish for. And how about a Handbag Therapy party for a unique hen do?

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  1. What a great collection of bags and at excellent prices.