Tuesday, 8 March 2011

In The Mood - Lemon Inspiration

As it's Pancake Day here in sunny England today, I thought I'd bring you a quick dose of lemon yellow goodness. Yes, lemon yellow is a bright colour and the key to getting it to work as a wedding theme is not to go over the top with it - too much lemon yellow is not good, little splashes of citrus brightness is very good. So limit your yellow to keep it looking so-so sweet and not at all sour!

So, here are some gorgeously happy lemon yellow ideas for you to enjoy this Shrove Tuesday and as the phrase goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade (or beautiful wedding details, it's your choice!)

Above - how fab are these decorations? There's nothing OTT about them, the wedding isn't now becoming some kind of lemon festival but the motif is seen often enough that the message gets across. Just a couple of lemons added to a drinks tray really add a splash of zesty colour and I love it. Image - Jose Villa

Above - What a beautiful bright table this is. Loving the yellow table runner with the simple white plates on top, very classic. The place cards too catch my eye as easy DIY - a neatly cut strip of yellow paper with the card on top. So simple and very effective. The flowers contrast to the simple table with a look of springlike abundance that's just wonderful. Love this look. Image - Martha Stewart Weddings

Above - if you're planning a lemon yellow wedding, is there a better favour for the adults than Limoncello? No, there's not! Image - Martha Stewart Weddings

Above - we can but hope that spring weddings will be warm and sunny and you'll need a fan to keep cool but even if they're not, these yummy yellow fan Orders of Ceremony/Programs will certainly brighten things up. Easy to DIY - just print your cards and secure with a brad. Image - Wedding Paper Products

Above - how gorgeous is this look for bridesmaids? Loving the lemon accents teamed with chocolate dresses and those wedge shoes are ideal for this outside wedding. Image - Jose Villa

Above - such a pretty cake with sunny lemon yellow icing and sweet little flowers. Just looking at this makes me feel full of the joys of spring! Image - The Chef School

Above - I. Want. These. Lemon meringue favours! A square of lemon marshmallow, topped with a blob of meringue and then a beautiful biscuit on top. Goodness me, these are the kind of kebabs any girl would want! Image - Martha Stewart

Above - Proof that aisle decorations don't need to be expensive or simply floral. Loving the simple effectiveness of a string of lemons laid alongside the seats. Adorable. Image - Jose Villa

Above - Super citrus stationery. What gets me about this isn't just the bright colours but it's also the round, soft shapes that have been used and this reflects the shapes of the fruit. Attention to detail gets a big 'well played' from me! Image - Grapevine Paperie

Above - awww, lovely lemony details to finish on and how great are the lemon seating cards? Another easy DIY - the seating cards have just been pinned onto lemons and lined up for guests (the white table they're sat on definitely adds to the effect) Image - Jose Villa

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