Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I Love... Jars As Glasses

Now, you rather lovely people reading this loved the jar lanterns on the blog the other day (or maybe you really loathed the post and couldn't stop looking at it whilst despairing of me!). So, as I'm now rather taken with jars and all the possibilities available, today's post is looking at a great new trend - using jars as drinking glasses...

Oh yes indeed, more wonderful wedding recycling! Keep your empty jars, wash them thoroughly and re-use them on your wedding day as a cute drinking glass. They look great filled with crushed ice and cocktails (hmmm, mint julep - yes please!) or it's a great twist for a simple drink like lemonade - it's all in the detail and using the every day on your special day in an unusual way is so so effective.

So take a look at these sweet ideas and start saving your jars. You know I'm going to say that a little bit of ribbon will make them look better (and that's true) but also think about going for some stripy straws for a cute styling touch - bang on trend for fun summer weddings.

 Above - my my, how simple and how fabulous? These jars has ribboned tags tied around them, one for each guest, and then the guest's take 'their' glass to choose their top tipple. No more wondering which glass is yours when you put it down and if you put seating assignments on the backs of those tags, you've got your seating cards sorted as well. And check the stripy straws... Image - Clayton Austin

 Above - love this - milkshake drinks in big jar dispensers and a handmade drinks 'stall'. Totally fabulous, lots of fun and definitely cute. Also, easier on the budget than expensive champagne or cocktails. I think the dispensers are fab and I'm super excited as I'm having some of these made at the moment! Image - Jonda Spurbeck

 Above - ooooh, lemonade. Such a fresh idea for a post-ceremony drink (and your non-drinkers won't feel left out of things either!) Love the little tags on the straws which are, again, a great way to make sure everyone's drinking what they should be! Also, how cute is the little doily drinks mat? Very! Image - Kinser Event Company 

 Above - just had to show this pic because a) it's more of those fab dispensers but also b) this is how to really look after your guests, especially on a hot day. You need to have lots of water available and the added fruit in these jars make plain old tap water something more exciting, interesting and unusual. Now that's a great detail. Image - Pottery Barn

 Above - I'm really taken with how this looks - the big barrel with ice and drinks for guests to help themselves from. That just seems so laid back and generous, it's perfect. And the practical side of me says those lids will stop bugs, flies and other undesirables from falling into your drinks. Ideal combination. Image - via Down South Delights

 Above - really, how gorgeous are these jars? Pretty pink drinks, a slice of zesty lemon and a so sweet wrap of ditsy print ribbon. Oh I love this. Apart from one thing - can you spot what it is? Yes my eagle eyed readers, it's that crease in the table cloth. Venues - please re-acquaint yourselves with your irons asap. Thank you.  Image - Simply Love Studio

Above - everything about this image makes me happy. The straw, the drink, the fruit, the jar, those nails, that gown and the coloured sash. I bet this was a personality packed wedding and I love that. Image - via Wedding Bee