Thursday, 14 April 2011

I Love... Wedding Converse

I have too many pairs of Converse - red ones, white ones, blue ones, green ones and pretty girlie pink ones. I love them and wear them almost constantly (not at all the same time you understand!)

This week, when I was looking at images, I stumbled across a beautiful photo of some Converse with the wedding date embroidered into the back and it just made me smile. Now I know that wearing Converse at weddings isn't necessarily new but sometimes it's not about doing new things, it's about doing things that suit your personality, doing things that guests will see, link to you and say "Yes, that's so them". Because that's when you know you've got it right. If guests are sitting not being able to make the connection between you and details, you've gone wrong somewhere.

So, if you're a bit like me, you'll love these images and if you've got another 'love' then I hope this post might get your thinking about ways to incorporate your 'signature dish' into your wedding...

 Above - this is the picture that made me smile. I love the subtle addition to the Converse - the date is just embroidered onto the back, it's not big deal, it's not flashy, it's just there and even if no-one else notices the stitching and they only see the shoes, the bride & groom will know the detailing. You could wear those after the wedding or have the stitching done in blue for a cute & quirky 'something blue'. Image - JAC Photos

 Above - another image to make me smile and I can't decide what it is about this pic that really gets me, I think it might be the slightly childlike stance - so good adults can still be big kids, even on their wedding day! Here, the delicious raspberry Converse with the couple's 'new' married names are embroidered onto the back. Such an adorable detail. Image - Lee 

Above - way better than stag or hen party t-shirts! How fab are these shoes for your weekend with friends? Love the co-ordinating colours, love that the groom is a little special and love that the date of the do is on the back. A great way to bring everyone together and a great gift for everyone to takeaway. Brilliant! Image - Volatile Photography

Above- just had to finish with this image. There's something in me that just adores the idea of looking all glam and sophisticated on the outside with a hint of cute and quirky underneath. Perhaps because I know that as much as I'd be working the Choos for the ceremony, come the party I'd be on the dancefloor in my Converse too because if you can't be yourself on your wedding day, when can you? Image - Shannon Lee Images


  1. Hi Tamryn - have got slightly addicted to the blog :) I went for white havianas for our evening do ... so much comnfier than the heels I'd been wearing all day.

  2. Hi Jess - love the change of shoe! Definitely needed if you want to party. So pleased you're addicted to the blog xx

  3. Tamryn -- Thank you so much for posting this blog. My future MIL has been driving me crazy lately about converse shoes at MY wedding (she says its not conservative enough). Thank you for reassuring me that this was a great idea. Blessings!! looking forward to my wedding in november :) and look forward to reading more! Sincerely Kimberly Ann

  4. My friend is getting married, and i would love to get these made. Where can I do that?

  5. My friends is trying to find the Delicious Raspberry Converse ones for her wedding, please can you tell me where we can get them from?? Bridesmaid dilemma x

  6. Hi, Tamryn!, my name is Ivonne, i´m living in Peru.. i´ll married in february, but i have to see all the things for the big day. I´m looking for a bride converse, but i don´t know how !, please if you know about a web to sell brideconverse please let me know. i have friends there in USA ( just in case need an adress). thanks =)