Monday, 6 June 2011

In The Mood - Autumn Leaves Inspiration

Yes, yes, I know I'm a bit out of season with this post but my son and I have been out walking over the weekend and we've collected so many leaves, curled and dried in this rain-free weather, that it got me thinking about autumn leaves. I just love autumn leaves - the colours, the shapes and the delicate beauty of them. They're so naturally stunning that they're totally perfect for wedding decoration.

You can of course collect the beautiful leaves yourself on a bracing walk on an autumnal day or you can cut or punch leaves from paper if you can't gather leaves or if you prefer a more uniform colour scheme. Whatever path you choose, leaves in any form are perfect for wedding DIY and there's a lot that you can do with them so let's get on with this dose of country goodness...

 Above - well, you couldn't ask for a simpler DIY project than this! Wrap your leaves around your votive (you might want to hold them in place with a little square of double sided tape) and then tie twine or raffia around for a natural embellishment. Image - Better Homes & Gardens

 Above - I love this pretty autumnal cake with the leaves falling down the tiers as if they're drifting in the wind. Those little marzipan acorns are a really cute touch as well and if you wanted to complete this look, you could use a wooden cake board and scatter leaves on the table top. Image - Charlotte Geary

 Above - the colours here are just stunning. Those roses, those leaves, even the sash on the gown - everything works perfectly for the season. Image - via Dot Com Bride

 Above - now here's a great confetti alternative! I love the joy in this image but what a great idea, throwing leaves. Baskets full of leaves for guests to grab handfuls of would be brilliant or you could use paper punched leaves in cones, bags or sachets. Add a few drops of a fresh, piney oil to the paper and you could almost be in woodland... Image - Heidi Ryder

 Above - these paper leaf chair back wreaths are fab. Punch your leaves and glue them, leaf over leaf, onto a ring of card. Add a ribbon if you want to hand the finished circlet and a paper banner across the centre with either a welcome message or a your names and date. Image - Martha Stewart

 Above - Image - these leaf adorned favor boxes are very simple but very special. The coloured card leaves with the couple's names and date on sit atop a russet ribbon around a kraft brown box. Perfectly autumnal. I love the variety of the leaf shapes and colours - all of the same theme but different enough to be interesting and to stop the favour box display looking a little bland or boring. Image - Martha Stewart

 Above - more easy and fabulous ways to use paper leaves as decorative embellishments. Tucked in glasses or resting on a rim, sitting on place cards or seating cards for example. You could attached them to invisible thread and have them falling from a ceiling as a table plan or attach a few large leaves together and print ceremony details on to them. So many options! Image - Pretty Chicky

Above - another simply beautiful idea. A gorgeously coloured leaf with the guest's name in white as a place marker. Honestly, the classic uncomplicated fabulousness of this just makes me smile. Image - The Natural Wedding Company 

Above - a perfect treat for autumnal weddings has to be toffee apples and these sit on rather fabulous leaves. I'm also totally loving the rustic stick handles. So much nicer than plain old lolly sticks! Image - Wedding Bee

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