Saturday, 11 June 2011

In The Mood - Lollipop Inspiration

Saturdays in my house quite often mean one thing - a trip to the sweet shop. Armed with a little bit of money, my son and I head to the village shop where they still, happily, have a little penny sweet bar by the counter. As well as the inevitable pink shrimps, white mice and cola bottles, my son will inevitably pick lollipops for both of us and we wander home through the fields watching the birds swooping & the corn growing with our strawberries & cream, apple, banana or cocoa vanilla flavour lollipops for company.

So today's post is inspired by our weekend ritual and it's all about lollipop inspiration - fun, bright and nothing too serious. We've all still got a bit of the big kid inside us and if you can't indulge that on your wedding day, when can you?!

Above - sweet little 'going home' lollipop gifts for guests would certainly make you smile on the drive home! It's easy to print those tags yourself then just attach to the lolly sticks and set out at the end of the evening. Image - Good Wedding Invitation

Above - there's just something about these garlands that makes me smile! Lots of fabulously coloured lollies tied onto coloured strings, dangling happily, I love it! Perfect as 'pick your own' favours for guests or you could add little tags so they double up as seating cards. Image - Home Confetti

Above - I chose this image to show that lollipop inspiration doesn't need to be all big swirls and it doesn't need to be a theme of its own either. You can integrate a little lolly love into your wedding in a more subtle way as these butterfly shaped clear lollies show. Image - It's A Jaime Thing

Above - lolly additions to a cake! To me, this looks a bit like something out of Hansel and Gretel (now there's a wedding theme I'd like to work on!) but the lollies certainly add some bright pops of colour and texture to this. Image - Love Me Do

Above - now I love this idea, it's a great way to give lollipops as favours but avoid the crazy colours if you don't want them. Here, the lollipop tops are wrapped in neat squares of wrapping paper and tied with ribbon. You can find templates on line for this project if you want to copy it exactly or you can play about with your own shapes and ideas. Just punch a hole in the paper to pop the stick through and then fold around the lollipop until you're happy! Image - Martha Stewart

Above - Now this I love! Lollipops used as stirrers that also add some fun and flavour to the drinks in question! Easy, effective, cheap and a definite conversation starter. Image - Real Simple

Above - I have a thing about red & white weddings so this image appealed straight away! This is a great 'prepare ahead' table centre which is great if you're a DIY bride. White enamel bucket, sand in the bottom to weight the bucket down and to hold those lollipops in place. Ta-da, centrepiece in minutes. Image - Real Simple

Above - seating cards that guests will definitely want to pick up! These super bright and happy lollipops and their tags around the lolly sticks and are stood in a sea of jelly beans. You probably need a styrofoam base to stick the sticks into and then cover this with jelly beans - the ribbon here covers up anything you don't want guests to see! Image - The Knot

Above - a cute bout! Love this mini lollipop buttonhole and it's another easily achievable piece of wedding DIY. Trim the stick if it's too long, glue onto some ribbon and attach a pin the the back of the ribbon so it can to pinned to the lucky chap in question. Image - via WeddingBee

Above - a lollipop bouquet! Really, does it get much sweeter than this?! Again, this would be something you could make yourself - just sit and play around with the grouping of those goodies until you're happy then secure with tape and cover with ribbon. Image - WeddingBee

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