Monday, 20 June 2011

In The Mood - Wimbledon Inspiration

Anyone for tennis? Wimbledon starts today and we're set for two weeks of sporting (and social!) action down in SW19. So, whilst I'm not the biggest tennis fan in the world, I thought I should dedicate today's feature to all things tennis - it's a bit tongue in cheek and it's a bit of fun so it's a bit perfect for a Monday. 

I am feeling an almost overwhelming temptation to serve up some some ace cliches so before I crash out in the first round, let's get on with the first set of images...

Above - love this cute little tennis dessert table. Those floral 'balls' and the rackets hanging behind are the perfect quirky backdrop too. Such lovely colours here too and lots of round ball inspired shapes. Image - Jackie Wonders

Above - such a fab wedding portrait, the view through the racket is so sweet and it fits the backdrop perfectly. If you're a couple known for your love of tennis, this is lots of fun. Image - Kelly Braman

Above - if you're a tennis fan (particularly if you're a British tennis fan!), you'll be well used to having to stop play when the heavens open. You'll need an umbrella and frankly, the caption on that brolly is really rather apt! Image - via Snippet & Ink

Above - again, another sweet shoot if you're tennis lovers (and lovers who don't want to be caught/court smooching on camera!) Image - Steeves Photography

Above - I just had to include this! Image - The Written Runway

Above - strawberries & cream are essential for tennis so how about a s&c cupcake? Image - via Wellsphere

Above - and to drink, of course it has to be Pimms... Image - Albert Palmer

Above - love this tennis racket mirror and I'm sure you could use rackets in lots of other ways too - how about as canape trays? Image - via Etsy

Above - sweet little favour boxes decorated with a sporty stripe and a tennis motif. This would be an easy and subtle way to bring a touch of tennis into your day if you didn't want to totally dedicate your day to the game! Image - Favor Craver

Above - now this is how to have some fun on your wedding day (especially if you've got a bit of a competitive streak, a court at your venue and a need to work of some of the calories consumed in strawberries, cream, Pimms and cake!) Image - Glenn Allsop

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