Sunday, 19 June 2011

I Love... Bird Cake Toppers

Now for the last few years, the words 'cake toppers' have often conjured up pictures of slightly off-putting statues of brides & grooms, locked into plastic poses. We've dallied with 'cake jewellery' and we've fallen back on flowers but, as we've come to embrace the handmade so much more over the last few years, cake toppers have, happily, followed too.

I'll be honest, these bird cake toppers just make me smile.They're a little bit cute, a little bit kitsch and a lot of fun. They're perfect for lovebirds on their big day...

Above - two happy little birds in their nest - this would look great on a rustic cake (maybe sat a big chunky wooden cake stand). And how cute is Mrs Bird's floral hairpiece?! Image - Charm Origin

Above - these are fab chunky stitched birds. I love the idea of using your own fabric scraps to create something personal (and it doesn't have to be perfect) Image - Cotton Bird

Above - super sweet kissing lovedbirds! And the fact that they're perched on a little egg cup, just waiting for hop onto the cake is great. This egg cup topper would work really fabulously with the egg-cup ideas I've written about before... Image - Emilie Friday

Above - here's a different idea with the birds on dowelling that can be inserted into the cake. If you like sewing, how about making smaller versions of these as seating cards or place markers? Image - Hey MieMie on Etsy

Above - I love these birds with their wedding day outfits, standing so proudly on top of the cake. You can find patterns for birds on-line if you like the idea of a bit of craft! Image - Kellie Kano

Above - oooh, how I love these two little birds. I just love how they've obviously been given 'accessories' that guests will connect with the bride & groom - that's how to make a wedding truly personal. It's not about just writing your names over things, it's about adding little touches that guests will associate with you as soon as they see them. Image - Lauren Alane

Above - how perfect do birds look perched atop this oh-so green and leaf-inspired cake? What a great combination and the colours of the birds work just perfectly too. Love it. Image - One Love Photo

Above - now here's a different look with wooden birds, all perched on top of the tree with their initials carved into it. How cute and wonderfully quirky. Image - Star House


  1. Hello!
    Just for your information, the first set of bird toppers is not made by CharmOrigin, they are made by me. CharmOrigin has stolen my pictures (and others).

    Thank you so much for including my work in your post. Great collection!!

    Thank you so much!
    Cynthia Spencer

    1. im looking to find the first set in mint and coral color pallet. where can i find them? i love it for my wedding cake topper. thank you!

  2. The third set of bird toppers... How do I get my hands on a set of those?! I have looked for them and can't find who makes them!?

  3. I had been trying to look for the 3rd set too! where can I buy them? Thank you!

  4. Hi, I love the 3rd and 6th set of bird toppers. Who I should contact in order to get one for my wedding?

  5. Hi! I love 3rd and 7th, but since we have 2 childs we need 2 baby birds on the cake too! where can I contact you?
    Please let me know email is