Thursday 9 June 2011

Delicious Details - Window Frame Seating Plans

You're probably all totally fed up with me banging on about the fabulous antique centre that I'm lucky enough to have close by. I've bought more things there recently than is probably right and I found the amazing Brides Book from 1936 there so it's a bit special. Every time I go there, I can wander around quite happily for ages, finding things, rummaging around and generally being inspired with ideas for new things to do, make & try.

But whilst I spend most of my time mooching around the barns that are full of goodies, there's more goodness outside and whilst I'm still wondering how to use old church style gargoyles, I know one of the ways that I'd use the old windows and doors - seating plans. Oh yes indeed.

And do you know what else is great about these seating plans - they might be big in size but they're really small in DIY. Basically, if you can write, you can make one of these! An antique centre or reclamation yard will be able to help you find something suitable then just get busy with your marker pen. Impressively easy!

Above - close up detail of the table plan where each window pane contains the details a different table. Image - Green Upgrader

Above - a wide view of a large frame seating plan. I have to say that I think the white pen works really well, especially with the dark wood background provided by the tree so it's worth deciding where you'll place the finished plan and looking at what's behind so the plan is as clear as possible. Image - Green Weddings California

Above - again, lovely white writing but it's not as clear when the background is really light. I still love this look though and it's so soft and sunny. Image - Gwyneth Colleen

Above - another option for the frame seating plan is to string flags across the window panes. You could give all the guests on one table the same colour flags and hang them in alphabetical order to make it as easy as possible for people to find their seating assignments. Image - Intimate Weddings

Above - love the more elegant look here. You could achieve something similar with stencils & etching spray, a fine paintbrush & a steady hand or even printing on clear stickers. Image - Monica Dart Photography

Above - this is a great handwritten look. If you're nervous about writing straight onto the glass, rough out your design on paper and hold that behind the pane so you can just trace over it. Image - Northern Girl Southern Wedding

Above - this is a great alternative to the handwriting or printing directly onto the glass. The seating assignments are printed onto paper and mounted then attached to each pane. I have to say, I really like this look and it's still super easy to achieve. Image - The Knot

Above - another printed plan and this one sits on a darker frame which does give a more sophisticated, grown-up look. If you find a gorgeous frame in the wrong colour, cover the glass with newspaper & masking tape then spray paint or brush paint the frame to the colour you want. Image - Wedding Obsession


  1. where can you find/rent these doors?

    1. I found some old frames on line through, also could try garage sales.