Saturday, 25 June 2011

Delicious Details - Fabric Wrapped Favours

I'm really loving favours that are wrapped in fabric at the moment - I think it's the combination of the colours and the patterns that are possible, the softness of the finished look and the fact that something wrapped in fabric is just that bit more special and luxurious that something wrapped in paper. Fabric by the metre can work out relatively economical and as you can wrap it straight around whatever you're giving as favours, you don't need boxes, bags or anything else!

Cutting fabric with pinking shears can cut down on fraying and the need to hem or edge and sealing the packages with a knot of a length of ribbon keeps everything quick and easy. Fabric is also easy to work around oddly shaped gifts or on more regular shaped items, a simple band around the centre also looks fab. But enough of all that, here are some ideas...

Above - now how special does this beautiful fabric make a simple cookie look? The bright colour is great on that place setting and the presentation makes a really gorgeous treat out of an inexpensive favour.  Check out my super simple cookie recipe and put these two ideas together... Image - Favor Craver

Above - I've always liked different ways of presenting favours other than just having them at place settings and I think the slight bribe of a big pile of gorgeous gifts on a guest book table is a great reason to make everyone stop by and leave a message when they can collect their favour at the same time! Here, these little packs of sweets are just wrapped in co-ordinating fabrics with thank you tags attached to their ribbon closures. Image - Favor Craver

Above - love these simple boxes tied with mismatched fabrics. This would bring a really vibrant look to a favour table or at place settings. It's a great idea if you want to make use of 'end of line' bargains when you're buying your fabrics as you don't need everything to match! Image - Handmade Weddings

Above - bottles are always tricky to wrap and let's face it, everyone knows what's inside the package but that's not reason not to make the package itself pretty. This is way ahead of just sticking the bottle in a bag or a boring old bow on the bottle and just hoping for the best! Image - Martha Stewart

Above - again, a fabric wrapping makes a bar of chocolate look brilliant and these packages with their name tags double up as fab place markers too. I've said before that I love that stripy butcher's twine and there are more ideas for using that in last month's Butcher's Twine featureImage - My Wedding

Above - soaps are always sweet wedding favours - easy to buy in bulk at any supermarket and relatively inexpensive. Wrap them in fabric with a tag and ribbon tie Image - Real Simple

Above - Image - Smart Bride Boutique


  1. I LOVE this! The little boxes are particularly cute :-)

  2. Thank you!! I really love these ideas - such simple ideas but so fab x