Friday, 10 June 2011

I Love... Wrapping Paper DIY

Who doesn't love wrapping paper? It means giving gifts, receiving gifts, parties, presents and all kinds of good things relating to happy times. But there's more to wrapping paper than simply something to rip off to get to whatever is underneath, especially for wedding DIY. Wrapping paper comes in big sheets and rolls, every colour and pattern, it's quite strong and it's relatively inexpensive. There's a lot you can do with it too so when you're thinking of getting a bit crafty for your big day, don't forget the wrapping paper!

To keep you paper DIY really neat, consider investing in a little guillotine to keep cuts straight and smooth. Use double sided tape to avoid visible seals or lumpy glue and don't think that measuring your paper is taking things too seriously - it's a good idea, especially if you're cutting to fit a specific space.

So, before I resort to bad puns along the lines of 'get your wedding DIY all wrapped up' (groan!) I'll finish now and just get on with the ideas...

Above - these ceremony programs are covered with fab mix and match wrapping papers. If you don't want to make a whole cover, you could just back a single sided sheet with wrapping paper on the reverse. Image - Always A Bridesmaid

Above - the simplest table runner ever! Just get yourself some rolls of wrapping paper and unfurl them along the centre of the table. Love the wrapping paper covered vase & candle holders too. Image - Bride
Above - ok ok, so fans might not be everyone's cup of tea but it's the idea here that we're interested in. The little wrap of pretty paper around the fan could be transferred to any number of items and would really bring lots of details together. Image - Intimate Weddings

Above - these seating card rosettes are made from wrapping paper and aren't they fabulous? You can find instructions for making these on-line but it's just a case of concertina folding paper, pulling it into a circle and securing it. I love the fact that whilst the papers are mismatched here, the buttons and flags are all the same which unites everything. Image - Love Olio

Above - I love a bit of bunting and paper bunting is so easy to make. You cut your triangles, punch holes at either ends of the top and thread them onto ribbon or twine. There's a template for this on Martha Stewart's website too. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - now I don't know about you but I don't think the stems of flowers are the prettiest things so I love the paper wraps around these vases. They hide the stems, make a feature of the flower heads and bring some colour and interest to the table. Add in the fact that they're super simple DIY and you're onto a winner. Image - My DIY Wedding Day

Above - if you're not allowed confetti at your venue or if you want something for guests to have a bit of fun with when you enter dinner or leave the reception, how about some wrapping paper pom-poms? Get in touch with your inner cheerleader and make some noise!  Image - Project Wedding

Above - now you know I like tins for a decoration and even they can be improved with a length of paper rolled around them. Measure the paper carefully so it fits well and away you go. If you wanted to add more oooomph you could cover the join with a row of buttons or fabric. Image - Sunset

Above - I really like these invitation wraps. A band of paper is just slipped around the middle of the invitation and tied (here with raffia but you could use anything you like). This would make plain invitations something really special and unique - a great way to personalise a high street design if you're on a budget. Image - Unique Craft Design

Above - this is a great seating plan with a really vivid backdrop achieved with, yes, you've guessed it, wrapping paper! The mounting board is backed with bold papers and the seating details are just attached on top. Simple! Image - Wedding By Color

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