Sunday, 26 June 2011

I Love... Lace Wrapped Details

I do like lace - so delicate, so feminine and so perfect for weddings. Lace is a great addition to so many details and wrapping a length of lace around any number of things just looks fabulous. The light still filters through, it looks amazingly special and it's a super quick way of adding wow factor. Of course you can buy lace for the more every day items and perhaps hunt out some vintage lace for the extra special details. How about using lace from your Mum's wedding dress to wrap around your bouquet?

So before you start getting carried away, measure your lace carefully before you cut (especially if it's vintage!) and remember that a few dots of double sided tape will keep things in place without icky glue oozing through the fabric. But here's a few ideas for you so you can love the lace too...

Above - so simple and so effective - candle holders with a lace wrap around them look really rather magical, delicate and that bit more special than plain old glass. Image - Davis Photographers

Above - a wrap of lace around plain stationery again takes it to another level and is a brilliant idea if you're printing your own invitations. A fab shortcut to easy, effective and economical gorgeousness. Image - Invitation House

Above - a tiny wrap of lace around the stem of a buttonhole looks fab and would mirror a lace wrapped bouquet perfectly. This is also a great look for girlie corsages too. Image - Jackie Wonders

Above - now I'm not totally sure if I like this lace wrapped tree but I wanted to include it to show there's really no limit of what you can wrap if you open your mind! Image - Jose Villa

Above - love these centrepieces with the lace wrapped containers. Such a cool way to improve the simplest (and cheapest!) holders and turn them into something rather amazing. Image - Jose Villa

Above - a wrap of lace around napkins looks amazing but here's a thing - these wraps aren't lace. Oh no, they're lace look print outs so even cheaper and even easier to co-ordinate as you can alter the colours to suit your scheme. Image - Martha Stewart

Above - a length of lace stuck across a simple favour looks brilliant here and it's going to be a more cost effective way of adding oomph to plain favors than other impressive packaging ideas.  Image - Martha Stewart

Above - I love this and just wanted to show you that lace wraps look great around almost anything, from bottles to tin cans. Lace really is fab. Image - The Nichols Studio

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