Sunday, 27 February 2011

Brides - You Can Do It When You B&Q It!

This seems like a good post for a Sunday, the traditional day for wandering aimlessly around DIY stores because, as you might have gathered from the title, there is a slight B&Q-ish bent to this post.

We all know that we need to choose some kind of colour palette around which to base our weddings and I also know, from lots of conversations with brides who have slightly spinning heads at the thought of this, that it's not the easiest thing in the world to do.

So, I'm here to tell you that B&Q (or indeed any DIY shop, in the interests of impartiality) is the place where you might well find the answers to your colour conundrums. And the place in particular - the aisle with all the paint charts...

I mean, just look at some of these fabulous colour combinations - rich colours, fresh colours, warm colours. All kinds of colours, shades and tones and what's the best bit - they're all in one place! You can take the colour sample charts home and play around with the different types of pinks, blues, purples, reds, greens, yellows and neurals until you find your perfect set of wedding colours. No hunting for pics on-line, no seeing a colour you like on a billboard as you pass in the car and no running around the bed linen department in John Lewis holding different colour sheets next to each other (No-one else done that? No? Ahhh, just me then).

You've then got your wedding swatch set to carry around with you, to give the sets of the colour cards to your florist, your dressmaker, your cakemaker, your wedding planner, your stationer, anyone really. It's a perfect way to show everyone what they need to know.

And another 'best bit' is that the cards show a range of tones around the same colour - including a range of tones in floral arrangements and bouquets gives a real sense of depth to the finished items, there's no blandness and just lots of fabulousness.

So there you have it - who would have thought that a dull old DIY store could be the answer to one of the most common wedding dilemmas? But it most certainly can be so the next soggy Sunday that we have, ask your beloved if he'd like to look at drills and head off for a hot date at Do It All!

Son & I spent a happy hour today playing with colour cards and he has chosen the above as our 'dream scheme' - "pink for you and blue for me". That's my boy!

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