Monday, 28 February 2011

Oxfam Weddings Launches!

So, today is a big day for Archie The Goat and myself - the fabulous new Oxfam Weddings website has launched and I am very very proud to be involved with this.

I was asked last year to become an Ambassador for Oxfam Weddings and I was thrilled to help out. Who could resist the advances of a goat as gorgeous as Archie?

But joking aside, this is something I feel strongly about. I love the idea of weddings doing good and the Oxfam Unwrapped gift list is a wonderful way to give something back. Instead of being given a set of napkin rings you might use once a year when the in-laws come for dinner, how about providing a bicycle for so a rural midwife can give better care to women? Unwrapped has so many gifts that people really need - if every couple put just one Unwrapped gift on their wedding list, so many people's lives could be changed forever.

There's also a new range of wedding favours available and of course, don't forget that Oxfam is a great place to find some unique vintage items for your wedding - jewellery, accessories and even tea-cups and cake stands for decoration. You can shop on-line too so it really couldn't be easier. There are also some exciting competitions coming up on the new Oxfam Weddings site so keep an eye open if you'd like to win some fabulous things for your big day.

So, when you're planning your wedding, do consider doing something for charity - it doesn't have to be a grand gesture, you don't have to forgo all wedding gifts and you don't have to spend extra money. Or, of course, Oxfam is always around to welcome any donations of those 'interesting' weddings gifts after the event.

I'm so happy that the new website has launched and fingers crossed, together we can all have 'good' weddings. I'm proud to be involved and hope lots of brides, grooms and guests get involved too. But please, hands off the goat, he's mine...

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