Friday, 25 February 2011

Tips To Make Your Wedding Look Good!

So, you’ve probably got a clear idea of either colours or a theme (however vague or jumbled they might be!) so now it’s time to consider how they will affect your decorations and details. Here are a few things to think about:-

* Be a guest for a moment. Walk through your venue the way that guests will. Are there any features you see that you want to highlight or disguise? Drawing attention to your venue’s ‘best bits’ will have guests oooh-ing with delight so highlight a great view from a window with some low decorations on the windowsills or light up a gorgeous fireplace with lots of candles and petals.
* Where will guests be the longest? If you’re providing a meal for your guests, spend most of your time and budget in decorating the room that everyone will be eating in.

Image courtesy of Dorset Wedding Photographer - Courtenay Photographic Ltd.

* Try to keep the space as ‘open’ as possible. Taller, more solid decorations are best placed around the edges of a room so that the central areas feel spacious. Remember that although things might look empty when you’re planning can look crowded when you add guests, waiters and waitresses and other suppliers.

* Vary the eye line – a mix of low and tall table centres will provide more visual interest, particularly if you’re having a more relaxed look. Ranks of identical arrangements suit a more modern style.

* Keep things in proportion. If your rooms have high ceilings, small, low table centres will be lost whilst taller arrangements will appear more enclosed venue.

* First impressions count so think what guests will see first when they enter. Something that makes them go ‘wow’ straight away is a great idea. This could even be a flower arrangement that is then moved to another location once everyone has arrived.

* Limit what guests have to notice. That probably sounds like the maddest comment but it’s better to place one great detail at each point (on entry to the venue, by the entrance to the dinner room, on the table etc) than cram loads of items onto your table. You might have spent hours tying ribbons and tags onto lovely favour boxes but that detail will be lost if you then throw in table confetti, candles, petals, and all the other essentials such as glasses, cutlery, crockery, salt, pepper, butter, waters, wines…

Image courtesy of Dorset Wedding Photographer - Courtenay Photographic Ltd.

* Look at unusual ways to present the usual. Bulky favours can stand out glaringly on tables that would look absolutely stunning without them. Think about combining them with seating cards on a table outside of dining area to keep tables clear and uncluttered. Be creative and enjoy it!

Thank you very much for the fabulous Dorset Wedding Photographer – Courtenay Photographic Ltd (who's also on Twitter @courtenayphoto if you'd like to follow!).
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