Monday, 14 March 2011

Delicious Details - Table Runners

Yes, I know that 'arrange table runners' is probably not high on your wedding 'to do' list (if it's even on there at all!) but trust me when I say, it should be on there so grab your pencil and make a note please. Table runners are fabulous - they bring tables to life, they stop your reception space looking like an white table cloth convention and they really add to any wedding theme.

It's odd to think that even table trends are changing - it used to be round tables everywhere you looked but now, more and more couples are embracing long tables. As luck would have it, table runners look even better on long tables because you really need to break up the tabletop space - you need to stop it looking empty and unless you've got a limited budget for flowers, runners are perfect for adding colour and interest.

So, prepare to get inspired (and if I've added another job to your 'to do' list, feel free to curse me now as long as you thank me come the wedding!)

Above - loving this simple runner made with lengths of ribbon arranged in a checkerboard. Get ahead with this and pre-cut lengths of ribbon before the day (speak to your venue/rental company) to get the measurements of the tables) and 'v' cut the ends of the ribbon to stop them fraying. Image - Wedding By Color

Above - well, you didn't think I'd forget doilies did you?! Doilies sewn into runners are perfect wedding DIY and they even look great on bare tables as you can see above. Image -Tracy Turpen

Above - never has wrapping paper looked so good. Yes, it's just wrapping paper unrolled along the length of the table. It doesn't get easier than that. And I love the co-ordinating favour wraps too. Image - Martha Stewart Weddings

Above - total genius! Table numbers printed or hand painted onto the ends of fabric runners keep your tables free from table number cards that can sometimes ruin the impact of the flowers. And how great do the mismatched chairs look here? Image - Novak Photography

Above - a simple burlap runner without a table cloth looks great at this folksy event and the napkins a great fun too. This is stripped back decoration working perfectly. Image - Emerson Made

Above - to illustrate my point about long tables & table runners! This vibrant fabric really brings this table to life. Because fabric is so wide and you don't need a thick strip of it down the centre, with some careful cutting and a little sewing, a 5 metre length of fabric would make a 10 metre table runner. Image - Anna Kuperberg

Above - table runners don't have to be fabric! Imagine what a talking point this wooden runner would be. Think outside the box and don't be afraid to experiment. Image - 100 Layer Cake

Above - an idea for round tables, a fabric round with scalloped edges (if you were careful with the pinking shears here, you could get away without sewing anything!) Image - Martha Stewart

Above - this tartan fabric runner set against the bare table with the wonderful decorations looks amazing. The combination of foliage, berries, wood and unusual 'vases' is just brilliant. A massive 'well played'! Image - Poppies & Posies


  1. Table runners were certainly on my to-do list! My dear mum sewed ours using burgundy embroidered taffeta-like material - they made such a difference.

  2. Oh, and I'm totally loving the table numbers painted on the end. That is totally ingenious if you're in the buiness of hiring out table runners - you'll know quickly if any are missing!

  3. Oh, love that you Mum sewed your table runners, the colour sounds fabulous too. And yes, how clever are those numbered runners?!

  4. i am buying some calico and painting it myself using stencils and fabric spray paint, im looking at it as one big canvas! then i will cut and sew the runners from the matirial. im thinking birds, paper doilies, butterflys, the word love, flowers and leaves etc all in an explosion of hot pink, pale blue and cadbury purple to compliment my theme. and this is only because i couldnt find the fabric i wanted to make the runners out of, i thought der! ill just paint the matirial myself! there is no greater joy then creating the decorations, favours, even clothes etc yourself for your wedding, i know that mine will be unlike anyone elses!