Friday, 18 March 2011

Today Of All Days...

Today is a strange day - one week on since the Japanese earthquake, the troubles in Libya and Bahrain, Red Nose Day here in the UK and all the ongoing trauma, troubles and hardships that face many people.

Lots of wedding bloggers are having a day of silence today for Japan and I respect their decision and am in awe of the money raised. However, sometimes when I look at the film from Japan, as much as I see heartache and reasons to be incredibly sad, I also see love. Huge amounts of unrestrained love - people searching, people grieving, people being re-united and people, like the workers in the nuclear plant, loving others so much that they are willing to risk their lives so that others may live.

So today, today of all days, I'm thinking about love. Love in all its forms and in whatever shape that may take and yes, weddings included. So whilst thinking about, talking about love might seem stupidly frothy in the midst of everything else going on in the world, if we can't cling to thoughts of happiness and acts of love, what is there left?

And today of all days, I think about love because 13 years ago today, my adored Grandmother died from cancer and even though I'm typing with tears in my eyes, my heart is, as always, full of love.


  1. Lovely post Tamryn, sending you love x

  2. Love is what makes us, what defines us, without love we are nothing.
    To all those, we have loved and love still with us or passed on, our hearts and minds are full of your love and our love for you.

    Love to you Tamryn x